Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SHAC Attack?

Four more kids pay for others crimes:-

TWO people have been arrested in Evesham in connection with an investigation into animal rights extremism.

A 19-year-old man from Evesham and a 20-year-old woman from Evesham were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit criminal damage and are currently in custody helping police with their enquiries.

The arrests were made after a warrant was executed at an address in Boat Lane, Evesham, Worcestershire today as part of an ongoing investigation in Hampshire.

Officers are searching the address and the search is expected to continue for some time.

The arrests relate to incidents of criminal damage that occurred in the Winchester, Fareham, Hedge End and Farnborough areas of Hampshire in September and October 2008.

A man and a woman from Gosport were also arrested at an address in Clarence Road, Gosport, Hampshire.

Who could this be? Boat Lane - sounds familiar - isn't that where the Loon lives ? But she is 72 so it can't be her - not another couple of young dupes sucked into her sick web of lies.

SHACWATCH - we never give up and we always win!


Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that Lynn never seems to get arrested these days, but always seems to be okay financially.


Even her friends are sure that she has done a deal.

Anonymous said...

Comment to these arrests on Indylies. Looks like some people are begining to face the truth. How long before Indy hides it I wonder ?


For there sake, let's stop this

11.11.2009 16:58
The infiltration of our movement by NECTU, Mi5 and private security mercenery types employed by big pharma is now the principle cause of arrests like this and still nobody does anything. We all know it and yet we respond to arrests like this with childish name calling of police that are involved, I don't know if I should laugh or cry.

There are people posting on Indy and other websites that are sympathetic to our cause that are well known grasses, nobody pulls them on it. An activist received payment from the state only two months ago for information passing and this was put down as understandable because of their financial difficulties at the time, when I heard I just could not think it true and yet I was told I was "aggressive" and "anti-feminist" for suggesting the person was thrown out of our group !

SHAC is a mess, the main players are either banged up or under observation 24/7, Stop Sequani has got nowhere and is almost certainly controlled by a grass, we all know who I mean. Does anybody care or do anything ? No they do fuck all and the result of all this is that the bastards at HLS and the rest continue to torture and imprison the animals.

Our movement in in a mess, we need to face up to it, to re group and start over.

No grasses, no trust until somebody is vouched for and has proved themself, no more A to B marches and fund raising bullshit to pay for peoples cars and houses, no more turning a blind eye to infiltrators because they are relatives of activists.

HLS should be smashed and smashed today.

I'm sorry to say all this but my frustration is at boiling point and I can't take it anymore, if this was children being treated like the animals are then the people responsible would be stoned on the streets but we do nothing but talk and talk.

I don't know what to do anymore.



Anonymous said...

I would have thought that people would have worked out by now that association with Lynn Sawyer rather quickly leads to the plod becoming part of your life.

Some people it seems never learn.

Medawar said...

Medawar doesn't think that she's an informer, rather that she's too obvious to miss and anyone associated with her is bound to be noticed. Still think that NETCU should pay far, far more attention to Tim Daley and others of that generation of ALF terrorist. But that might lead the police and MI5 into the realm of the real far right (not clowns like Griffin) and serious plots to overthrow democratic government in the UK, where not every Chief Constable wants an investigation at all.

Anonymous said...

The 4 people arrested are: Thomas Harris, Nicola Tapping,Christopher Potter and Maria Neal.

It's no surprise that Tom Harris and Nicola Tapping have been charged but Maria Neal is a minor player in WARN and the Pottymouth is hardly the leader! Why haven't Loony Lynn and the Fat Chris from WARN been arrested. Then again these 2 never are charged with anything despite being the leaders.

Medawar said...

Is Lynn or any of the others missing?

Medawar found, on park bench near his house and even nearer the river:

bottle of Merlot, empty.
packet of paracetamol plus all the blister packs from inside it, empty
packet of Fluoxetine and its blister packs, all empty.

This might not be connected, but the ALF have exploited some very mentally vulnerable people indeed to harass and attack Medawar over the years.

Whoever consumed the above will have gone before us, Medawar fears, even without the help of the river.

Anonymous said...

Four people have been charged with conspiracy to commit criminal damage in connection with an inquiry into suspected animal rights extremism.

Officers were investigating incidents in Farnborough, Fareham, Hedge End and Winchester, Hampshire, in 2008.

Police raided addresses in Gosport, Hampshire and Evesham, Worcerstershire.

The four were bailed. A man and a woman are due before Winchester Crown Court on Monday. Another man and a woman are due before magistrates on Tuesday.

Thomas William Harris, 26, and Nicola May Tapping, 28, both of Clarence Road, Gosport, who are due before crown court, appeared at Portsmouth Magistrates' Court earlier.

Christopher Potter, 20, and Maria Neal, 19, of Boat Lane, Evesham, are expected to appear before the court on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

The comment by "Active" was of course hidden as was one that read,

"My o my
11.11.2009 17:03

Yet another arrest at Lynn's place that sees others nicked and her not ! How's that retirement fund coming along Lynn ? "

Looks like it's not just shacwatchers who are aware of Lynn's alternative sources of income.

Medawar said...

Here we go:

Thomas William Harris and Nicola May Tapping, of Gosport, and Christopher Potter and Maria Neal of Evesham.

Hasn't Master Potter been in trouble before, wasn't he supposed to reside with his parents in Malvern or something?

Medawar said...

Possibly not an ALF suicide, after all:

Anti-depressants are a scourge: when Smith Kline was an independent company, its researchers wanted no part, but then the bean-counters merged it with Beechams and than Glaxo, to cash in on the "huge profits" of psychotherapy drugs, only to find equally huge lawsuits awaiting them.

The "corruption" between doctors and drugs company reps works both ways, Medawar thinks that Roche, and then Eli Lily, were pressured into "inventing" the bloody things so that low-grade medics could make patients "feel better" without the puzzle of working out what was actually wrong with them. Companies initially made huge profits, but will now have to gradually pay them all back through the courts. Which is why Smith Kline's original complement of scientists didn't want to touch that kind of drug in the first place: they thought the risks outweighed the benefits for the company as well as the patients...

Lynn Sawyer may be pickling her liver with the booze, bu maybe that's slightly wiser than frying the brain with other drugs, legal or otherwise.