Monday, November 23, 2009

Dog Gone?

Once again SHACWATCHERS have spotted gold on Indylies - This post:-

ELP can now report that a second woman has also been arrested and she has also been remanded into custody. For legal reasons we can't name either of the women....Both women are vegan.

Got a response from Niomi Scott - regular SHACWATCHERS will know that this is an alias for Natasha SIMPKINS.

That post provoked a furious response -
You think you're clever don't you?
Anywhere but a cage to spend life is better. Wouldn't you think "Niomi"?
Being caged for life in the first place is the crime.
The screws will pay..

Could it be ?
Has Natasha been caged in Holland?
Where is the beagle suit?

Who is next?


Medawar said...

They continue to be caged:

Anonymous said...

It is indeed Natasha Simkins who has been imprisoned in the Netherlands. The word from a number of AR people is that her relationship with Adrian Radford is far from over and it was him she had gone to Holland to meet.

Medawar said...

There is a still an active nutter over this side of the North Sea:

Is this because they've taken against the Life Sciences Park (nothing to do with HLS at all) at Sharnbrook?

Medawar said...

Any comment on the demonstration is dismissed as "trolling" by the usual Indymedia vigilante censors. Even if a pertinent comment that the Dutch legal system is there to protect the state against the public and not vice versa.
It may not be "corrupted" the way ours supposedly is, it's just inherently not on the side of an arrested person.

The upshot of this is that it will take the two arrested women much longer to find out what the charges against them actually are than it would in England. If this happens after the demo, SHAC will say that the demo did the trick, but frankly, the wheels of continental justice grind at their own sweet speed.

The police have to put you in front of a magistrate a lot quicker, but that magistrate is an inquisitor and not really a magistrate as we understand the term -and they can keep you in jail for weeks or months while deliberating over whether a crime has happened or not, let alone whether you did it.

UK suspects appear in front of the magistrate with a charge already attached or not at all, in Holland, the "magistrate" also decides, what charge, eventually, you might face. Effectively in the initial stages of the case, suspects are prosecuted by the same person who decides whether the case is sound enough to proceed or not. As if the CPS solicitor and the magistrate were the same person.

It's very odd that this is known as "Roman" law, because Medawar doesn't think that Cicero worked this way!

It was also interesting that Indymedia hid the article, but not the comments...

Medawar said...

They are enjoying the usual peaceful and reasonable support from their international colleagues in Chile: