Thursday, October 1, 2009

How quickly SHAC drop you..

Try - yes it's a sex site!

SHAC don't care anymore.


Medawar said...

Actually, the host company is just hoping that someone will pay to use for that purpose, or any purpose.

But it does look as if someone wasn't prepared to shell out a fairly nominal amount of money for the martyr.

Anonymous said...

Or it could be that all such sites are being moved to Facebook and other social networking sites as that's the way the web is moving these days ?

Medawar said...

Well, anonymous.
There's a desperate problem with social networking sites being the future of the internet, and this is it:

Of course, if SHAC really is just a money-making con, as many commentators on this page have suggested, that could explain the migration.

It is often said, of the very baseline internet, the usernet, that "you shouldn't go there unless your firewall is loaded for bear". Before going to facebook (or indymedia), at least check your firewall is working!

Indymedia's site certificates are often flawed, this is just because the people running it are hopeless, but it does mean that you have to tell Browsers like Firefox to make security exceptions for Indymedia pages, and that means that a malicious third party could set up a fake Indymedia page without any trouble, as Indymedia so rarely manages to have a valid certificate anyway.

The chances are, if you use Internet Explorer, that it will let you onto Indymedia without even warning you that the site's wide open to hackers and fakers.

Anonymous said...

Indymedia's site certification is the least of the worries of using the site. Their long held claim not to log and record the IP details of posters was shown to be a lie and that old friend of SHACWATCH Loony Lynn Sawyer let out of the bag the fact that these very same logs were used by the prosecution in some of the SHAC trials. These logs showed the links between SHAC and ALF and allowed them to prove that SHAC and the ALF were in effect the same people.

Indymedia has gone back nearly seven years through its public records to try and hide the extent of the recording and all mention of it.

Anonymous said...




The record of SHAC doesn't change much does it ?