Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Andrea Waddell

A number of SHACWATCHERS have emailed about this:-

Andrea Waddell was a Brighton prostitute born Alexander John. Andrea was also a vegan and a member of SHAC.

She was recently murdered

Members of SHAC are confused and misguided individuals but they do not deserve to be murdered.

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Medawar said...

Arrested suspect is a SKY installer.
Medawar fears a connection to all the many rapes, and at least one murder, in Southern England that involved women being tied up with blue, cable-conduit pulling rope. However, Plod has a tendency to only explore further charges once the matter immediately in hand has been exhausted -striking while the iron is hot simply isn't in the vocabulary of the CPS or ACPO.

Very nasty affair: in his attempt to cover up what was done to Andrea, by setting the flat on fire, the murderer put several other people in danger of their lives.

"The Earth shall reveal the blood shed upon her face, and make all murders plain."