Saturday, September 26, 2009

Further Failure in Linconshire!

Even SHAC said only 150 - the true numbers more like 90! The SHAC NATIONAL a total failure and a very public one.
As the picture shows they got nowhere near the farm and spent 5 hours shouting at a group of very bored coppers!

I bet Lewis Dean and Luke are really glad they sacrificed their liberty for SHAC's stupid plans - solidarity HA!


Laughing at SHAC said...

Months of publicity, hundreds of emails sent to try and encourage a good turn out and the numbers were at an all time low for a SHAC event of this kind. The police operation fooled the mob completely who were left floundering around the local area looking lost and stupid.

Another poorly organised, poorly attended SHAC event.

RSPCA Worker said...

I almost feel sorry for them, they bigged up this demo all over the internet, it was going to be "the largest in years" and "we are going to close the farm for ever", I was told that, "thousands will be there, don't miss out being a part of it" In reality a couple of hundred kept in a nearby lane. It makes me laugh out loud when I see what SHAC has become.

Medawar said...

Looks like the cause of animal liberation is now going for softer targets:

Perhaps Hampshire Police should check to see if Keith Mann's swimming trunks have been used for any sort of smuggling...

Anonymous said...

Once again SHAC have tried to use their influence over the British Indymedia site to try and pretend this demo was bigger than the reality. All views that differ from the accepted SHAC party line have been quickly removed or hidden, something Indymedia already has a terrible reputation for.

Anonymous said...

The UK Indymedia site is strongly influenced by SHAC, they use that influence to rapidly hide any criticism of SHAC or indeed any publicity for organisation that might divert funding from them.

An example appeared on the site earlier this morning UK time. It seems that rather than slipping close to liquidation as SHAC has been telling us the HLS organisation is thriving, increasing its profits and is expanding. A group of extreme nutters clearly upset with the repeated failures of SHAC has set up in competition to them. Putting aside for one second that this bunch of vegans is probably just as bad as SHAC the interesting point they raised was that in the first place they regard the SHAC campaign as having failed (we already knew that) and in the second place that they emphasised they wanted no money from anybody only their support. Of course this was a red warning light for SHAC so the article was hidden by one of the Indymedia useful idiots who do SHAC's bidding on Indymedia.

As an aside it seems that HLS is expanding in the UK with new contracts and a new research building, more SHAC failure.

The article is here in the hidden section of Indymedia if anybody wants to read it but be warned Indymedia UK is a cesspool of antisemitism, animal rights loonies and 9/11 conspiracy theorist types that makes SHAC seem sane some of the time.

It may be of course that the same indignant self righteous juvenile naivety that members of SHAC share is mirrored in the Jew hating fruitcakes who run and administer the Indymedia site which is why they get support there.

Anonymous said...

" indignant self righteous juvenile naivety "

Lol ! Probably the best description of a SHAC person I have ever read !