Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More fun and Games at IndyLies

First of all came the Indymedia post:-

Shut down HLS ! | 06.10.2009 07:51 | Animal Liberation

News has reached campaigners opposed to the death factory that is Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) of an new expansion of their current facility.

We will never allow it to open.

Disheartened by the failure of the SHAC campaign a small group of activists devoted to animal welfare regardless of the costs to ourselves have investigated the HLS company, what we have discovered is both shocking and disgusting.

Despite the claims that HLS is failing or is in financial trouble the opposite is true. This year they have won twelve new animal testing contracts all of which have not been publicised to prevent actions by animal lovers and their revenue in 2010 is expected to grow to £340 million, up from about £145 million this year, profits are expected to reach nearly £104 million, profits gained on the deaths and suffering of other brothers and sisters. This money is earmarked to firstly pay of their current debts, they will be debt free by March 2010 and to build a new expanded testing facility at an undisclosed location. construction has already started so we urge anybody in the immediate area to look out for new large scale construction facilities, we will continue to try and get further information via our ongoing investigation.


Up until now HLS has got off lightly, the current SHAC campaign although good intentioned has failed, it's most committed members imprisoned and its effectiveness compromised by simply repeating what has failed in the past. We will not be organising A to B marches, we will not be running fluffy stalls on the high street .

We do not want your money, we seek no donations, we do not have a facebook page, we have no website, we have no bank account.

We want only your moral support and your love. Where SHAC has failed, we will succeed.

Communique ends

Shut down HLS !

Then our favorite Loon writes this:-
SHAC is not a failure
06.10.2009 08:22

Good luck with your campaign to close HLS but SHAC is not a failure. So what if HLS is expanding, SHAC already knew that by the way, the campaign continues.

For those wanting to be involved, contact SHAC here

Main e-mail: info@shac.net
Lynn Sawyer

Then an Indymedia moderator posts this:-

" SHUT DOWN HLS ! (439264)
by Shut down HLS ! " - disinfo

Apparently, a new AR group has emerged. It's called 'Shut down HLS !' -
but, you can't join it because:

"We do not want your money, we seek no donations, we do not have a
facebook page, we have no website, we have no bank account."

In fact the chances are that its not a real group at all, its a thinly
veiled attack on SHAC, and despite it being hidden almost immediately, it
seems that SHAC members have nothing to do but scour the hiddens on the

Thus we have three comments, and not everyone knows how to post a comment
to a hidden thread.

within 40 minutes of the original post, 'Lynn Sawyer' apparently responded:
SHUT DOWN HLS ! (439264) (Hidden) [ edit | All comments for this article ]
SHAC is not a failure (234087) by: Lynn Sawyer

3 hours later 'Mark' responded:
Lynn Sawyer (234096) by: Mark, once of SHAC in Manchester

and 3 minutes thereafter, SHAC declared themselves "the nationally
recognised campaign to close HLS" urging people not to work with a
non-existant campaign that they can't join anyway - because it only wants
your lurve.....

Not authorised (234097) by: SHAC



Note the *sigh* indymedia are as sick of SHAC as SHACWATCH is!

BTW there is also a 'SHACWATCH' post - this time by one of our independent SHACWATCHERS - keep up the good work ALL!


Ben said...

Indymedia is as bored as the rest of the world with SHAC. They spam the Indymedia site night and day with one half baked post after another. Have a look at the goldfish liberation story this week as an example but they have got the support of a couple of the mods so they will probably be there for some time yet.

It was interesting to read how other animal rights people view SHAC as a failure as well. I suppose you can be sure your animal rights campaign is a busted flush when other animal rights campaigns are started in opposition to you !

One Indy site worth visiting for a SHAC free zone is the London one, they still have a lot of national news but they banned SHAC sometime ago.

Medawar said...

This could be fun:

Real IFAW: Please don't compromise our integrity by sending any money in response to newspaper ads with heart-rending stock pictures of earthquake-struck donkeys, whales, dolphins etc.

Continuity PETA: We can do without the support and endorsement of any vain, selfish, air and dope-headed models, rockstars, Hollywood film actors and producers, thank you very much. Love Ingrid.

Provisional Animal Rights Militia: We are tired of putting on utterly pointless and sadistic raids purely to give bloody whining old Morrisey a perverted thrill in return for a few grand. We definitely won't rape your daughter and we find the whole idea repugnant.

Alternative Lynn: No thank you, Mr Bartender, I think I've had enough already.

Anonymous said...

As part of the comments to the post Loony Lynn claims that she and shac knew all along about the truth behind the expansion of Huntingdon Life Sciences and its improved financial position. As another poster pointed out,

"More 20-20 hindsight from Lynn Sawyer"

So SHAC knew that HLS was expanding did it Lynn ? Funny how you never mentioned it then.

Must be like how you knew all along that SHAC was infiltrated by an undercover cop, as you claimed here on Indy, even though you were denying it only three days before the story broke in the national press.

Let's face facts SHAC is a **** campaign that has failed to achieve a single one of its targets and now has most of its leaders in prison. While people in SHAC expanded their bank balances and egos the animals went on dying and still they die today.

I wish this campaign all the luck in the world, its good to see real action from people who are not looking for publicity or a donation. "

This seems to have been a pattern recently for Lynn, she deny, deny, deny and then when the evidence is overwhelming come back with, "we knew that all along".

Anonymous said...

I think that Lynn denies everything and then pretends to know about it afterwards because the alternative, admitting that she is a long way from the centre of animal rights work in the UK would be just too terrible for her to contemplate.

It's been a long time since SHAC was relevant as far as the main players in UK AR are concerned and Lynn even less so. SHAC was completely infiltrated in the run up to Operation Achilles by both police and private security and the legacy of that lives on today. SHAC is simply not trusted.

Medawar said...


Nothing done by any Green or ALF "activist" is ever terrorism, nor is it ever violent. Burning people's houses down, threatening their children with rape, digging up granny, or decapitating people with gyrocopter rotors, are all peaceful and legitimate actions, of which no mouth-foaming psychopath should be ashamed.

Medawar is always amused by their allegations that police attempts to curb their imposition of their views on society by force, is "fascist". Medawar can remember all the little notices saying which side of the post office to queue on dependent on skin colour, buses divided not into two sections, but four, to accommodate the Western Cape's diverse population. If these people think THEY are freedom fighters suffering under a tyranny, he suggests they try something braver, like gluing themselves to statues in Beijing.

Medawar said...

New name, same pointless terrorism.

Medawar said...

The horns of a dilemma: global warming or animal rights?

Anonymous said...

SHAC gets it wrong again.

Last week two SHAC losers turned up for a demo at Industrial Cooling Systems in Birmingham for one of their demos as ICS are a supplier to HLS, so far so normal you might say.

One problem - the ICS they mounted the demo outside is not the ICS that supplies HLS, once again these fools mangage to demo the wrong organisation. The MD of the company found the whole think very funny in an interview to the local paper,

"We had no idea who these people where until one of my engineers went and spoke to them, that's when we realised they had mistaken us for another Industrial Cooling Systems, we pointed out their mistake but it seems they didn't want to listen so they carried on for about half an hour and then sort of drifted off. It's all a bit bemusing but the blokes from the other factories nearby thought it was funny so no harm done. We've all been young once".

What a couple of vegans !

Medawar said...

There IS going to be a big new laboratory campus in Cambridge, not to do with HLS.

Joan Court will be pleased!

Medawar said...


There, look! Nasty, wicked research, directly linked to saving the lives of those humans that the ALF hate so much.

Medawar said...

And there's going to be a big life sciences campus at Sharnbrook, too. Life Sciences as in "study of biology, nutrition, botany etc" not a company from Huntingdon. But the ALF won't care and will probably attack it anyway. Medawar rather suspects that this is the reality behind rumours of a huge expansion at HLS: something totally unconnected with "life sciences" in its name. However, Sheila Turner, the apaprent brains behind "Bedford Animal Action" has previously told the local rag "we're against anything with 'research' in its name".

So that's a sane and reasoned position, then.

Working for animals not ego said...

"we're against anything with 'research' in its name".

Well yes SHAC/ ALF are, except of course when it's them. SHAC/ALF members have been more than willing to accept drugs and medical research when they are benefiting.

Their hypocricy is truly staggering.

Ben said...

Indymedia UK is getting increasingly fed up with the SHAC nutters that are spamming the newswire. They operate a centre page spread called 'Features' a story that they think deserves special mention but the SHAC losers have decided this should be used near exclusively for animal rights related stories and are proposing new ones nearly every day. Indy administrators who spend most of their time concentrating on Jews taking over the world and wacky 911 stuff are very resentfull that they are being bullied in this way by AR extremists and are starting to fight back.

Who will win ? Well as far as the UK activist and Leftie community is concerned who cares Indymedia UK is rapidly going the way of SHAC irrelevant and ignored.

Anonymous said...

SHAC supprters just go from bad to worse, fresh on the back off the goldfish rescue story we now have a bee liberation story !

It seems that bee keeping is akin to slavery in the minds of SHAC supporters (you couldn't make it up could you?) so releasing them into the wild is a liberation it seems !

Only one problem after they were "liberated" they all dies