Sunday, October 4, 2009

SHAC goose chase continues...

Some months ago HLS announced it needed £30million quid so it could buy itself and remove it's listing on the stock exchange - this would remove a major SHAC protest venue.

Naturally SHAC announced it would target anyone who lent the cash.

So, unwilling to just hand SHAC another place to stage their pathetic demos the bankers created a number of false companies and through this chain HLS received it's £30.
SHAC are now claiming major victories every time they get another link in the chain of front companies!

SHAC - grow up those firms have served their purpose - they 'capitulate' quickly as there is no point not doing so! The £30m is already in place.

You have failed - again.


Medawar said...

Maybe that's our answer:
A series of sacrificial decoy companies along the lines of: "Boil A Puppy Plc" and "Exploding Guinea Pigs for the Arms Trade".

Anonymous said...

I have to say it is quite funny to see SHAC pretending (or perhaps even believing) that these are 'victories'. They are swamping various activist websites and bulliten boards with claims that HLS are close to closing and even that they are going bankrupt !

It may be that the less financialy astute simply don't understand how a balance sheet works or that what is more likely SHAC simply lies to present the idea of some sort of success.

Of course SHAC needs to be careful, if AR supporters really did think that HLS was closing then the SHAC money supply might dry up, that would be a problem for quite a few of the leadership.

For HLS the situation is a little different their recent expansion (didn't see that on any SHAC web sites !) has meant they are expaning their staff in the UK with their website now offering over 50 new jobs. Financial figures released by the company in 2008 report a 5 percent increase in gross profits of $50 million on revenues of $190 million. Andrew Baker, the chairman and chief executive of HLS's parent company, has just last month described HLS as "solidly profitable" and announced that the company intended to return its headquarters to Britain in the anticipation of soon having "normal banking facilities" there.

More SHAC failures.

Captain Birdseye said...

Well it's not all bad news for shac, over on Indylies UK the collective intellectual might of the WARN group (another pseudonym for ALF thugs) is celebrating the 'liberation' of a goldfish :-)

A fearless WARN/ALF warrior swooped into a local fairground and with an operation worthy of the SAS stole a fish and took it home.

When a movement has got to the stage of getting excited about stealing a single fish one really knows the extent of their desperation for any morsel of good news.

Job Seeker said...

50 new jobs at HLS???

I count 13 jobs on their website, (link above), so either they're filling vacancies quickly with the recession...or maybe that claim is just disinformation?

It's funny how the financial figures being quoted by Anonymous are also contrary to the "Plymouth Report" which shows that HLS is performing poorly against Covance and Charles River, (two of their main competitors). It also makes strong reference to the turmoil in the CRO industry in general...not to mention how HLS are impacted by currency exchange and animal rights activity!

In the words of someone who knows the Pharma Industry better than most, (a Director of the Swiss Pharma giant Roche), "It's not a matter of IF Huntingdon will close, but WHEN".

The one thing we can agree on is that SHAC are making too much of their "victories"...and in reality, the main reason HLS has taken such a big hit is the global recession, but in an over extended CRO Industry, there will be victims due to shrinkage and HLS will be one of them due to SHAC's insecent pressure!

Maybe one of you armchair "experts" would also like to tell us what's going on with HLS in the USA?

A 33% decrease in animal usage in one year, and no jobs listed on their website, sounds like they're either shifting to "rodents" (which don't need to be reported by FDA rules) or they're planning to abandon the US, might this explain there plans for "expansion" in the UK?

I personally don't involve myself with SHAC anymore, because I too oppose many of the more "extreme" actions that have been taken in the name of closing HLS, however to claim that HLS will not be closed is ridiculous because there will always be someone ready to go the most disturbing lengths to put them out of business!

Whether it's direcetd by SHAC, or done by "autonomous sympathisers" matters little to me....I don't want to be associated with it, (even indirectly), for my own personal sense of decency but I will shed no tears when HLS closes, (however that may happen).

However, the thing I find most ironic is how the author of this blog and those who leave comments here always attempt to take the "moral high-ground" about SHAC's "disinformation" and "harrassment" whilst being a source of constant disinformation and libelous accusations against characters who face no legal allegations...maybe if you really have the smoking gun you should provide it to the police rather than parading it on a blog???


Whom have we defamed?

SHACWATCH posts the sticky ends that SHAC fools come to - it dosn't make them up!

KL said...

Job Seeker - look harder. The HLS career site shows 14 but local recruitment agencies show more because the main HLS site only shows the high level technical jobs. We'll assume you were simply being ignorant rather than attempting to mislead anybody.

In reply to your other points well it's not really surprising that one of HLS' competitors is critical of them is it ?
The Plymouth Report which for some reason SHAC continues to regard as having been a proof of its success is far from it, it's major conclusion being that the buyout price that was being discussed was too low because the company was expanding and the price was expected to rise, exactly what happened.

If we are to consider the report perhaps this is an important quote in the area of animal rights protest,

"identification with Atlantic (HLS) and risk of consequent attacks from AR activists remain a concern - even for parties remotely associated with Atlantic• The result has been that Atlantic has historically traded at approximately 40-50% discount
to its primary peers’ EBITDA and P/E multiples, respectively, despite comparable fundamental performance."

I'll assume you have no understanding of corporate finance speak in common with everybody from SHAC I have ever met so I'll put that into plain English for you.

"The current share price is about 50% of the real value of the company, the profit is in line with industry standards and whoever buys it is going to make a lot of money."

there was one other thing the report mentioned,

"Physical violence, harassment, vandalism, bomb and death threats, protests and demonstrations at
homes and offices of targeted companies or their employees, directors and shareholders, continue to the present day"

That must be the non violent peaceful protests we keep hearing about from SHAC/ALF.

By the way earlier this year SHAC was telling us that HLS would never pay off it's loan in June 2009 and would be bankrupt by July, would you like to comment on what happened ? No thought not.