Monday, October 19, 2009

Shac gets it wrong, again, then lies about it!

From a Shacwatcher...

SHAC gets it wrong again.

Last week two SHAC losers turned up for a demo at Industrial Cooling Systems in Birmingham for one of their demos as ICS are a supplier to HLS, so far so normal you might say.

One problem - the ICS they mounted the demo outside is not the ICS that supplies HLS, once again these fools manage to demo the wrong organisation. The MD of the company found the whole think very funny in an interview to the local paper,

"We had no idea who these people where until one of my engineers went and spoke to them, that's when we realised they had mistaken us for another Industrial Cooling Systems, we pointed out their mistake but it seems they didn't want to listen so they carried on for about half an hour and then sort of drifted off. It's all a bit bemusing but the blokes from the other factories nearby thought it was funny so no harm done. We've all been young once"

Vegans !


Anonymous said...

Research from the US suggests that a lack of animal protein in the diet of developing children results in lower IQ's. Looks as though SHAC are proving that here !

Lynn Sawyers vodka supplier said...

SHAC has history with demos at the wrong site. the SHAC demo back in August at BDO Stoy Hayward consisted of a 20 minute demo outside the wrong building and they famously stood for an hour outside a company last year that they said was a courier to HLS before a passing motorist let them know it was an empty building. The courier company had moved offices six months beforehand.

I suppose an organisation that regard Gavin as a computer expert is not that smart when it comes to basic online research !