Saturday, October 24, 2009

SHAC try and mask their shame!

Over on Indylies SHAC are getting really excited about a move to ban masks on an demo they are planning next week.

Funny thing is SHAC are such a failure that they didn't even want to have the demo under their own name - they made up Sussex Animal Action instead! Liars - stupid too as their spokes 'person' is stil Debz.

The other mystery is why SHAC want to demo in masks. Are they so ashamed of their actions? Are they scared that people will laugh at them?

SHAC - still stupid after all these convictions!

More to be caged soon.


Anonymous said...

One must feel sorry for SHAC in some way, it all must have seen so different all those years ago. Those of us who fight for the rights and needs of our animal brothers and sisters understans what needs to be done but SHAC lost sight of that many months ago. There hearts are in the right place but their tactics failed a long time ago.

Keep Fascists Out Of Animal Rights said...

greedy fuckers

Anonymous said...

WARN - yet another ALF front has adopted a new idea to try and claim sucess.

1 Choose a restaurant at random in the local area

2 Send them a letter or email demanding they take fois gras off the menu

3 Two days later claim that because the restaurant has ignored them the demand is a success.

Most recently they claimed they had forced a hotel restaurant to take fois gras off the menu after a demo outside. Only a couple of observations, the night of the demo the restaurant was closed and perhaps best of all, they never sold fois gras !

With the repeated failure of SHAC / ALF WARN etc etc it seems that making up stuff is their only way to feel good.


The WARN failure isn't new to SHACWATCH - it's pottymoth potter and fat chris tigether with loony lynn!
They provide to comic back story to the tragedy of SHAC.

Anonymous said...

WARN seem to be trying to get into the music business-even setting up a record label. They are taking money saying that it is going to lot's of other groups. Unfortunately none of these other groups have received a penny. Where's the money going? To feed Fat Chris? To buy soap to wash Pottymouth out? Or to pay for Loony's latest fantasy? According to Brighton ABC it's certainly not going to them and the prisoners they support.

Another money spinner for WARN.

Ben said...

Poor Old SHAC.

A self styled "SHAC Supporter" called Spectre is now reduced to posting articles on Indymedia trying to claim that their campaigning has had an effect.

(Note to SHAC supporter - if it had you would not need be needing to try and convince people, they would already know - Doh!)

Regretfully the 'proof' this not so bright individual has decided to use is the famous Plymouth Report, the report that SHAC themselves once claimed had showed how well they are doing. The same report that SHAC quickly pulled from their website when it in fact showed that far from being badly hurt by the SHAC campaign HLS was in fact expanding and was rated by financial authorities as under valued and a classic corporate example of a company where an investor can do well.

I doubt that SHAC wil be pleased to see attention being drawn to the Plymouth report by a "supporter" How much would show pay I wonder for the IP details of the poster, send an offer here via the SHACWatch site or email me and I'll be happy to consider it.

Anonymous said...

Interesting couple of posts over at Indylies with some shac people trying to get a post taken down. It looks as though there is an injunction in place and somebody has breached it.

Do I hear the sound of the lawyers drawing up papers shac ? What a shame

Anonymous said...

More Nazis

Roberto Fiore, Italian fascist and AR.

Troy Southgate, Fascist and AR.

Richard Hunt, National Front and AR.

Animal Support Group, run bu Nazis to fight alongside SHAC at Shamrock farm.

Shame that AR will say that a Black man who is pissed off about this just has "issues". Cunts.