Thursday, May 7, 2009

Update - Victoria officially gullible

In a shock verdict in Lincs a jury has decided that Victoria Zara Waterhouse Taylor was not an ALF activist but in fact a gullible fool willing to do whatever was suggested to her - Go Girl!

Oh and her 3 companions already pleaded guilty to trespass with intention to disrupt commercial relationships - well done guys, what a top ALF cell you are!


Anonymous said...

Sam Birkett who was Victoria's flatmate has been telling people that she was easily led and put up to this by the others.
It looks as though the judge decided to be lenient and give her a chance to sort her life out, get away from the groomers at shac and grow up some.

The post shac second chance is it seems a route taken by a number of the younger people who were involved with shac. As soon as they are away from the cult like influence of the organisation they realise their mistake and move on.

Fair play to the judge for recognising that Victoria deserved another chance and could rebuild her life once away from the influences of some others who really should be ashamed of what they have done to a young immpressionable girl.

Jimdog said...

Interesting info

Is the story on Indymedia that Dean Cain and Luke Steele have dome their deal with the police and been released on bail. Chris from nectuwatch and some of the other SHAC nutters that spam Indymedia are desperate to have this story covered up and are trying to force Indy admins to delete it.
Good to see that Indy UK like Indy London no longer gives in to SHAc bullying so is refusing. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Anonymous said...

It's Fat Chris that is behind trying to hide the news that 2 AR activists hve been released. Lynn Sawyer just believes what Fat Chris tells her. Fat Chris also runs the Myspace page to support the arrested activists. Notice how only 2 of the activists (both friends of Fat Chris) get a mention on the Myspace page. The other 2 (including Vikki) were left to rot. Many are certain that Fat Chris finances his lifestyle by providing information to the police.

Anonymous said...

Seems that Indy editor Christopher Phillips caved in to SHAC pressure and hid the posts but not before Loony Lyyn Sawyer let slip the truth about why the two were relased early

Medawar said...

Lynn "let slip" that Luke has talked to the police. So, maybe it wasn't him.

If this was all a NECTU plot to make SHAC run around like headless chickens, it's working!

Meanwhile, an (alleged) ALF terrorist awaits trial for the gyrocopter murder, so the ALF outside SHAC needs to be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

Fat Chris from NETCU Watch has now pissed off SmashEDO campaign. He's decided he wants a piece of the EDO action and has put a call out on Indymedia for 10,000 people to turn up for next years event see here:

Fat Chris has nothing to do with SmashEDO and some in SmashEDO are annoyed with the way he is putting call outs in their name. Fat Chris turned up to one SmashEDO demo and now thinks he can tell them what to do! SmashEDO naturally don't like the idea of an informant working with them