Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Summer of SHAC Guilt

As we head into summer SHACWATCH is minded to preview the many defeats that await the remnants of SHAC.

Starting soon is the trial of Lewis Pogson - leader of the group that committed the original burglary in Lincolnshire.

Soon to plead guilty is poor old Sarah Whitehead - already convicted of burglary and lies awaiting punishment for her part in the disgusting blackmail that the more important SHAC leaders have already admitted.

Then we have the tweedle dumm and tweedle dee of SHAC - Harris and Tapping - vainly trying to run the campaign while all the adults are locked up - don't worry kids - you can follow them to jail soon! BTW you might want to follow Michell Vospers example and plead quickly.

Does that about wrap it up? - tell us if there are more SHACWATCHERS.


Anonymous said...

Harris and Tapping's biggest problem is workng out where all the money went and how to tell shac members.

Not a lot of info coming from Greg, perhaps he's just forgotten.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Greg can remember where his nice house is.......

Medawar said...

By all accounts, Greg ate and drank like, well, a member of Parliament on expenses, at the Allen, Club, The Bear and The Phoenix on his plotting visits to Bedford.