Friday, May 8, 2009

Total SHAC failure - Barclays profits UP!

Well done all concerned - in the first 3 months of the year, about the same period that SHAC have been hanging about outside - Barclays profits are UP by 15%!

The Independant describes it as 'probably the best 1st quarter Barclays have had'!

Never mind SHAC you must be used to failure by now - HLS, Staples, Barclays etc.



Anonymous said...

This just gets funnier

The SHAC demo against Barclays in Worcester on the 6th of May got ONE person. SHAC were at least too embarrased to put up a picture on their website !

Presumably future demos against Barclays will have no people but SHAC will claim them a success because lots of people said they were thinking of going.

To be fair there was a massive SHAC demo outside of Barclays in Poole last week, that got four people and a prat dressed as a bunny ! Way to go SHAC.

How much longer can Barclays stand this pressure ?

Anonymous said...

Mean while on Tuesday the 12th of May more evidence of the death of the SHAC demo when three rather curious looking ladies (it may have been two and one man)staged a short demo outside Novartis in Sussex, England.

Local people seemed somewhat confused and one asked the threesome if they were there to campaign for the new school crossing !
Others it seemed thought they were "something to do with the playhouse production".

Once again a SHAC demo turns into a farce and achieves nothing.

shacwatcher said...

Tuesday, 12th May - Barclays Piccadilly Circus -
Only three turn up.
SHAC claims they were there two hours, in fact it was about 40 minutes.
SHAC claims that one person closed their account, Barclays confirm the man said this to stop the SHAC harrasement and did nothing of the sort.
SHAC say they handed out 'hundreds of leaflets' - they handed out about 30 with most of them all over the streets of the area after the public realised the rubbish in the leaflets and threw them away.

Barclays 3 SHAC Nil

$6.87 HLS shares anyone?? I want to sell!! said...

Barclays profits up? That might be because they have already sold their HLS shares by this point. :)