Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another SHAC nutter..where do they get them?

AN ANIMAL rights campaigner threatened to kill staff at a hotel because they served foie gras.

Lisa Everton, aged 43, from York Street in Newcastle, sent malicious emails to employees at the Middlethorpe Hotel in York, ordering them to remove the duck liver delicacy from the menu or face the consequences.

She appeared in North Staffordshire Magistrates' Court yesterday charged with sending that message and three other threatening emails to medical companies, Huntingdon Life Sciences, GlaxoSmithKline and AstraZeneca.

Prosecuting, Rob Allen, said: "In one letter she referred to herself as a seasoned militant environmental activist and said the staff had been fairly warned.

"In another she said she fully intended to kill staff at the medical corporations and said she was not a pacifist.

"The comments within the emails caused concern and she also said 'I'm coming for you, you will pay with your skins'."

The court heard how she referred to the death penalty in the emails and said people would be 'hung, drawn and quartered, or whatever the law of the land is'. She pleaded guilty to the four charges of sending malicious communications. She has previous convictions for criminal damage, harassment and trespassing on diplomatic premises between 1996 and 2003.

Defending, John Kidney, said: "For six years she behaved impeccably but she stopped taking her medication without any medical advice. "As long as she takes it I have no reason to suppose she is going to be sending any more bizarre messages."

The court heard how Everton has suffered with bipolar affective disorder for 18 years. She used to be sectioned every year because she would stop taking her anti-psychotic medication.

Speaking to Everton, District Judge David Taylor, said: "In a democratic society people are free to campaign within the law but you fell outside that.

"The contents of the emails are bizarre. When you are not thinking straight you are capable of breaking the law.

"I recognise you were in an unwell state, that does not excuse what you did, but it does put it into context.Had I not thought your actions were arising out of a mental disorder you would be getting a very different sentence."

He sentenced her to a 12 month community order with supervision requirements and ordered her to pay the prosecution costs of £80.

Does this explain Loony Lynn?


Anonymous said...

The funny thing is over on IndyLies UK they have edited out Evertons name from posts not realising that it is all over the mainstream media.
Poor old Indymedia
Poor old SHAC

As for Loony Lynn Sawyer well what can one say, ignored by most of the AR movement now in the UK because of her knowledge of the SHAC spygate affair, ridiculed by others in SHAC because of her blind loyalty toward Fat Chris maybe she needs medication!

Anonymous said...

Regretfully we have seen this series of events before, an individual who is either mentally ill or requiring support of some kind is used by SHAC and then discarded when caught by the police. The good news as we are seeing is that with the help of family, friends and others people can survive SHAC and come out the others side, wiser, more mature and more able to have a real life.

SHAC is looking more and more like Scientology, a discredited cult.

Anonymous said...

Is there no end to the damage that SHAC is prepared to do to peoples lives to try and force their opinions on others. I feel so sorry for this women who clearly needed help from clinical experts and instead fell in with the SHAC organisation. I hope that as part of future prosections against SHAC the Crown Prosecution office will consider cases like this and Luke Steel's, individuals who have been used and discarded.

A terrible shame.

Medawar said...

"Causing Actual Psychological Harm" is an offence. So, encouraging someone to get into this kind of state, is definitely a crime, and taking advantage of their being in that kind of state, is deeply incriminating.

Quite a lot of SHAC victims have suffered actual psychological harm as well, of course.

Anonymous said...

To answer the question "does this explain Loony Lynn" No it's not mentle illness with Lynn rather its a problem thrown into stark relief by a number of the SHAC/ALF trials. AR becomes a replacement for a real life, a crutch, a substitute for love, for a relationship of value, for a feeling of self worth.
Some grow up, move on and join society for others AR becomes their life and they descend into the hell that is thinking they are right about everything and that anyone who disagrees with them is part of the great plot against them and their ilk.
Think David Ike without the entertainment value !

Lynn has become almost a parody of the AR activist, sad, lonely, paranoid and lacking a real life outside of AR.