Thursday, May 14, 2009

Return of the Fool?

Tuesday, 12th May - Barclays Piccadilly Circus -
Only three turn up.
SHAC claims they were there two hours, in fact it was about 40 minutes.
SHAC claims that one person closed their account, Barclays confirm the man said this to stop the SHAC harrasement and did nothing of the sort.
SHAC say they handed out 'hundreds of leaflets' - they handed out about 30 with most of them all over the streets of the area after the public realised the rubbish in the leaflets and threw them away.

Barclays 3 SHAC Nil

(thanks SHACWATCHER - if that is indeed the Fool that would explain the lack of megaphone - he isn't allowed them any more because he can't behave normally)


shacwatcher said...

Poor old SHAC, simply unable to understand how the share market works.

The SHAC website is all in a state because parts of Barclays have sold some SHAC shares, SHAC of course claiims this as a success. A couple of points for you to understand SHAC -

Barclays made a profit on their SHAC shares, the share price had risen that's why they sold. That's how share trading works. Secondly if Barclays sold them that means somebody else bought them, somebody who thinks that the price will rise further.

The ultimate irony of SHAC's actions against Barclays regarding HLS was that it provided valuable publicity for HLS meaning their share price went up !

Barclays 4 SHAC Nil

Anonymous said...

The Fool is an irritation but not really a threat to anybody however that is not the case with other parts of SHAC/ALF.

Just yesterday in Indymedia UK a post illustrated just how violent SHAC/ALF is and how their words about peacefull protest are lies.

This post - details arson attacks on a building where a security guard was nearly burnt to death and the placing of a bomb in the garden of a house. In addition people are being encouraged to visit an elderly man in the night to frighten him.

So shocking was this post that even Indymedia UK found it too much and removed the personal details of the post. This shacwatcher has contacted the police and asked them to investigate, after the recent revelations by an Indymedia whistle blower that Indy UK does indeed retain the IP details of posters police are likely to be able to trace the poster.

A shacwatcher

Jim Dog said...


the last thing either Indymedia or SHAC will want is people starting to talk about the IP logging and SHAC arrests situation again.
Earlier this year when they all this came out one of the SHAC supporters on Indymedia went back though SEVEN years of indymedia public records to hide the truth about how the compromised Indy IP logs were used in some SHAC arrests.

Medawar said...

If one were arrested and jailed because of Shac's lax security and its deliberate policy of keeping blackmail material on its own associates, could one sue them for damages?

Shaccer said...

Good that Barclays have sold their shares now though, huh? :D

Mustard Joe said...

Yeah SHAC are such a failure that their campaign against Barclays resulted in the global superbank selling their shares in HLS. May the SHAC failures continue until HLS close!!

Medawar said...

That they were able to sell the shares, to investors wanting a long-term profit in an otherwise difficult market, rather suggests that SHAC has failed to do anything except harm to innocent people.

Were SHAC to campaign against bent MPs, their re-election would be assured.

Anonymous said...

I suppose it says much about SHAC right now that they are claiming the Barclays sale of their shares in HLS was as a result of their campaign. The reality is of course that Barclays made the decision based on that most fundamental of reasons - profit.

A poster did try to explain this to SHAC peple on Indymedia UK's website a few days ago but they were not able (or not willing) to understand it.

They of course also quickly glossed over the fact that other HLS investors increased their share holding.