Friday, May 22, 2009

NETCU defeat? No the score is 3 1

There is a load of vegan spin on Indylies regarding the guilt of the ALF cell that attempted to re attack the rabbit farm in Lincs.
The thrust is that as one girl got off then this represents a huge victory - humm - what about the 3 who pleaded guilty?
If they aren't guilty why did they plead?
If they aren't guilty why not change their pleas now?

The truth is they will be sentenced soon and will be happy they got off so lightly - There have been posts on here that suggest they regret their actions - SHACWATCH hopes these are true but unfortunately almost every vegan fool associated with SHAC is a sociopathic liar - so we shall have to wait and see.

Untial ALL are caged.


Jimdog said...

Regretfully shac people are not always the shapest tools in the bag so it's easy to see why they can't understand this. There are still some who have not grasped the profit Barclays made on their HLS shares as the reason for the sale either.

shac is a dying organisation so it doesn't matter much anyway.

Anonymous said...

I love shacwatch! Keep it up cops ; )

former shac suppoter said...

Cops ?

I dont suppose it ever occured to you that shacwatchers are AR people who despise the damage done to the cause by the tactics of shac ?