Wednesday, January 26, 2011

IndyLies R.I.P

Oh Dear

Indylies is tearing itself apart as some of it's administrators have been caught lying to posters over an extended period.

That's not news to us.

What we want to know is why any anti SHAC post is removed instantly - a little honesty there may have helped.

Good riddance to badly run rubbish.


Medawar said...

The one thing in their favour, is that they did make some effort to hide the lunatic assertion that a stained glass worker from Ipswich was Medawar, something that blogger did not do.

Indy watch said...

The SHAC supporting mods are off to the lame Mayday collective so it shouldn't be a problem for the future. London Indymedia (one of the good ones) was the collective that tried to ban SHAc posting a year ago but they were blocked by others.

It was the SHAC supporting mods who purged all the IMC records to try and hide how the now addmitted IP logging was used in a number of SHAC trials to link SHAC and the ALF.

ex IMC mod said...

What is of interest to us here at SHACwatch is Indy at last admitting that it was the logged IP details that an Indy insider passed to the police in the first SHAC trials that helped in the conviction. Several Indy mods were simply terrified of the consequences from the ALF hardcore element if this became known at the time.
It is perhaps fortunate for them that most of the old ALF are either in jail or retired to the property in France.

When I did a lot of moderation work there I remember some very scared people on the IRC channel begging for this info to be hidden.

Medawar said...

Such are the hazards of swimming with sharks.

Medawar said...

Most of the UK's SHAC uncaged terrorists are living in a house in France, you say?

Well, Medawar hopes they are not abusing the hospitality and tolerance shown to them by the government and people of the Republic.

Idiot watch said...

I see that Indylies (IP Logging while you wait) is also being used by the SHAC like and 'who knew it still existed' SPEAK campaign. Now little more than a website and a regular email asking for money SPEAK has a history of failure that SHAC is close to emulating.

In fact SPEAK these days is mostly centred around a couple of Bristol based vegans who spend their time hanging around local childrens petting zoos and aquariums irritating people and in the long standing tradition of AR in the UK - achieving nothing. If anybody wants to see the effect that a vegan diet has on the body go to Kebele Community Cooperative on a saturday morning where they serve a 'vegan breakfast'. The pale, undernourished, sweaty horrors who walk out of there will be enough to push anybody toward a nice bacon sandwich !

Anonymous said...

Gerrah Selby's deal with the plod has paid off with an early release. Looks like those words of advice from Mummy just before Christmas hit home.

Yet one more SHAC member learns the quick way out of prison - grass up your mates

Rene Artois said...

Medawar may well be right as the 'action' in France did have that SHAC balls up feel about it.

According to local AR people in France the action was planned at first to be a 'liberation' of the animals there but nobody could work out in which part of the complex they were kept so taking pot luck they decided to place some fire bombs near an admin block. This turned out to be the HR department who were back at work 24 hours later in a building next door.

Societe General (their insurers) have already agreed the costs of the repair and the boys and girls in HR will be getting a lovely new working environment that will be ready in a couple of weeks. It seems that this bunch of vegans did the company a big favour !

Anonymous said...

@rene artois. are you actually saying that arson is good for business? surely not?!

It is I, Le Clair said...

I think what Rene is saying is that the action backfired as the company ended up getting its offices refurbished for free after the insurance claim and that the effect on their business was zero.

Anonymous said...

@It is I, Le Clair. well hardly free, no doubt their premiums will go through the roof, as is always the way and a lot of work was probably lost in the fire. not to mention the intimidation effect of arson. I seriously doubt that if given the choice they would of had it burned down!