Friday, January 14, 2011

But will Potty shut his mouth now?

He got a year in jail, suspended for two years- he got 120 hours of work - 110 more than he has ever done.

He even got his girlfriend into trouble (not in the same way that Luke has - but at least Potty stood beside his girl)

So the question is - WILL HE SHUT UP NOW?

We hope so - not because we wouldn't enjoy seeing him banged up but because he is so bloody annoying.

Go on Potty - disappear, there's a good boy.


Cultwatch said...

The dangers of young impresionable teenagers used by an organisation

More lives ruined by the SHAC cult.

Help is available for those looking to get out - see Cultwatch for details.

bored of shac said...

@cultwatch. You cannot just say that everyone who get's prosecuted for involvement with shac is an "impresionable teenager" (sic). I doubt very much that you actually know Potter and Neal as they will be laughing at this sentence and won't be bothered at all. Judge Cutler said to Potter "I hope when you look at yourselves two years ago you recoil in horror and think 'What on Earth was I doing?"
To say such a thing must really make one wonder, who is more deluded? Potter or the Judge?