Friday, January 21, 2011

Lynn wines....

"Furthermore why no condemnation of violence against animal rights activists? We are punched, kicked, threatened with monotonous regularity. In some cases activists have been lucky to escape with their lives after being hospitalised, four people have been killed. Why is that OK George? Are we somehow of less worth when we are protesting against a lab’ than when we are protesting against climate change?"

It's because everybody hates you Lynn - Live with it!

Oh - and who are the 4 that have been killed? We can only think of Jill P and she fell under a lorry.


Lynn Sawyer's Vodka supplier said...

I assume this comes from Lynn's vanity project website that only she reads.

It must have been a shock to her ego to discover that all the recent police infiltration of AR and nobody gave a toss about her. PC Kennedy regarded her as "a nobody" and "can safely be ignored"

Anonymous said...

i remember speaking to this women once on a demo. she is so rude and wierd , its a wonder anyone takes animal activists seriously anymore with loonies like this and potty loose.