Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mark Stone

SHACWATCH is aware that the activist world is aflame with talk of infiltration and betrayal.

They have found out that an undercover Policeman infiltrated an ECO warrior conspiracy to shut down a power station.

Frankly SHACWATCH doesn’t care as this isn’t SHAC however - we seem to remember that Loony Lyn went to Kingsnorth looking for fresh meat to predate.

If the UC had anything to do with the merciless oppression that Kent police correctly employed to Lyn and her ilk we salute him!


PS - The Guardian reports that there seems to be a femail UC or informant called Lyn - funny that


Anonymous said...

"Green" and ECO activist types are all over the place on this issue but the SHAC part for us is of course that part of Mark's operating technique was to bed female activist and gain their trust. This he did with one prominent SHACster (currently with a new boyfriend who knows nothing of Stone so not fair to name her) and used that relationship to establish his bonafideness with other Leftie / Anarchist groups.

Already some within SHAC are realising the truth - the police didn't care enough SHAC to bother spying on them via Stone either because they have another mole already in place or the more likely - SHAC simply doesn't matter anymore.

Anonymous said...

Luke Steele helped Lyn Watson to gain trust in Leeds. Funny coincidence that...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous may be hinting that Steele is a police assest but I doubt that's true. Although his family has history in grassing for money I doubt that Luke would be trusted by the police to be stable enough or bright enough.

Medawar said...

Medawar would question whether Luke Steele is an ASSET to anybody. It's the "E" and the "T" that make the difference, really.