Thursday, February 3, 2011


From A Shacwatcher:-

I see that Indylies (IP Logging while you wait) is also being used by the SHAC like and 'who knew it still existed' SPEAK campaign. Now little more than a website and a regular email asking for money SPEAK has a history of failure that SHAC is close to emulating.

In fact SPEAK these days is mostly centred around a couple of Bristol based vegans who spend their time hanging around local childrens petting zoos and aquariums irritating people and in the long standing tradition of AR in the UK - achieving nothing. If anybody wants to see the effect that a vegan diet has on the body go to Kebele Community Cooperative on a saturday morning where they serve a 'vegan breakfast'. The pale, undernourished, sweaty horrors who walk out of there will be enough to push anybody toward a nice bacon sandwich !

SHACWATCH agrees - we find it amusing that SPEAK are offering their experience to others - this experience is that their target lab was built on time and has been running for 2 years, their leader has been imprisoned for a stupid act that allowed Oxford to win the boat race for 3 years in succession and since then another lab has been built !
A classic AR campaign - an utter failure - these fools make SHAC look professional.



Anonymous said...

As Shacwatch correctly says SPEAK is the very perfect example of a campaign that failed at every level.

Stop the lab - failed to stop it
Delay the build - lab opened on time
Increase the costs of the lab - lab opened on budget
Maintain pretence of 'legal' campaign - key people sent to prison.

There is of course one exception,
Generate money to fund lifestyle of leaders - dontations rolled in from gullible supporters.

Medawar said...

Medawar is guessing here, but the owners of the kebab shop aren't in any way Turkish, are they?

Antifa said...

Medawar hits the nail on the head.

All attacks have been on Turkish owned restaurants - restaurants owned by white Swedish people have been left alone. The same bunch carried out attacks on shops selling fur - only Jewish owned shops were targeted.

The Far Right and AR are working hand in hand in Örebro. The police are well aware of this and do not differentiate between Nazi thugs and AR thugs.

Lynn Sawyer's Vodka Supplier said...

Once again losers like Lynn Sawyer are over on Indylies making fools of themselves. This week its with encouraging people to sign a "vegan pledge" even on Indylies this was treated with derision. Comments included,

"Veganism is one part cult, one part eating disorder"

"I think this makes us sound like religious wierdos "

"What f***ing food you eat has nothing to do with radical politics, grow up"

and best of all

"Get a grip
Mass uprising in Cairo, students on the streets of Greece, riots in Tunisia, popular resistance in Yemen and you want people to focus on f***ing vegan food ?

For God's sake wake up and see the important things in the world going on around you"

Anonymous said...

how did crazy mel help oxford to win the boat race? didn't he try and burn down their shed?