Monday, January 17, 2011

Censored again at Indylies........

Is this another one?
How many? 16.01.2011 16:33

This woman hangs around the edges of AR campaigns but never gets nicked.

Another one?

Is this woman another UC or stooge? She has been hanging about at the edges of AR campaigns for a number of years.

Lots of people near her have been nicked, her house has been searched but she never goes down.

She has even had a few prosecutions for public order stuff but gets off every time. She was even at Kingsnorth - so was Kennedy!

How many are there?

How many?
You would have though they would be more careful now!


Active at SUMAC said...

With all the current fuss in AR circles about the incredible level of police infiltration of the movement the idea that Loony Lynn is a credible informer strikes me as very funny. The police clearly do not need unstable nutters like her when they can all too easily introduce trained officers into movements like SHAC without no problems whatsover.

'Flash' was even given credibility via his sexual relationship with a SHAC person in Notts England.

Lynn is for sure amusing having become almost a cartoon of the "commited AR activist" but certainly not a plant and in no way important any longer within AR circles.

One of London IMC said...

Indymedia UK.

For those of us who have been involved with the Indymedia UK project for some time the issue of the influence that some members of SHAC have over some members of the collective has been an area of concern. The fork in the sites that is approaching will I am glad to say conclude this issue.

The Mayday collective contains the individuals who it might be said are 'influenced' by some SHAC members, the new non mir collectives do not contain SHAC linked mods.

Relevant SHAC related posts will contain to be shown on the new Indymedia but editorial control will ensure that fair critism of SHAC and alternative views will be allowed as well.

Hope this sets your and your readers minds at rest.

Another SUMAC user said...

The censoring by Indymedia UK of how much SHAC was involved with giving credibility to Mark Stone / Kennedy is reaching a ridiculous level. Indy UK has done a special feature article featuring the three known police infiltrators but two IMC mods ensured that all reference to SHAC in Notts was removed with only a vague reference to his attending a "2010 international AR gathering in Milan, Italy." As with most things SHAC related reality is very different.

In fact Flash Mark was in 2004 already sleeping with a SHAC organiser in Leeds who helped him to gain access to the Irish group that planned the Mayday protests. he also used her "ok" to infiltrate the Rossport solidarity camp in 2006.
Luke Steele vouched for Mark when he Was involved in planing Camp for Climate Action “land group” from 2006 onwards.

SHAC's friends in Indymedia can only hide the truth about how much Mark used sexual relationships with SHAC members to further his infiltration of the activist community.

Anonymous said...

'Sumac user' need not worry. There are plenty of other sites were SHAC's involvement with Mark Stone is well documented. Besides Indy uk's days are numbered, the site is full of holocaust denial and 9/11 stuff anyway so no serious activist bothers with it anymore. When the university demos were on Indy was so far out of the picture that some activists even built their own website rather than use Indy uk ! As was said in the Guardian, "Indymedia belongs to the past, the future is Web 2.0 with on line social networks and Twitter."

Medawar said...

Another bit of racist intimidation vaguely disguised as animal rights:

Antifa said...

Well spotted by 'Medawar'. Swedish SHAC and Swedish Nazis are now targeting the same buildings, using the same people and then both claiming it as an 'action'. This 'AR action' is also on the Far Right Swedish Nazi party website as an "Attack against the Turks and North Africans polutting our city"