Thursday, January 13, 2011

Whats another year eh?

Poor old Tom Harris - left in charge when all the adults in SHAC went to prison he decided to show off for his girlfriend - organising a pointless and childish campaign of vandalising cash-point machines.

The end result is that he gets another year on top of his 4 and two silly children he conned are now on unpaid work and proudly sporting ASBO's.

What a total, utter maggot - We blame his family who set a terrible example.

UAAC and most now are!


Idiot watch said...

Just how desperate has SHAC become to leave Harris is charge ?

For those of us unfortunate enough to have met him it's clear he is far from intelligent. The Barclays campaign was too stupid for words as he failed to understand when the in built CCTV cameras on the ATM's click on and as a consequence he and his camp followers were caught on film every time.

bored of shac said...

It's very easy to blame harris in all of this and the whole barclays thing was of course ridiculous but it would be a huge over-simplification to say that he somehow "groomed" (a terrible word) chris potter and maria neal into carrying out their ridiculous actions. he is by no means a victim in this but those two are even more nuts than he is!

Former SHAC supporter said...

'bored of shac' makes a good point. The three of them were as daft as each other and the entire operation had that 'cock up waiting to happen' feel about it from the start.

The problem faced by SHAC right now is that what brains the organisation once had, limited though they were, are all in prison so planning is now left in the hands of fools like Harris.

The wider activist community keeps its distance from SHAC so they have no experience to call on and younger people are preferring to work with groups who actualy achieve things so SHAC has no new members with fresh ideas.

If the rumours about Greg and Natasha proposing a new approach centred on political activity are true then SHAC as a direct action groups is more or less finished.

Greg may be many things but he's not stupid and he knows that SHAC has failed, he knows the revenue is falling and that support has collapsed in the cire membership. even Kevin Kjonaas has said that SHAC tactics have been counter productive in the long run and that a new approach is needed.

AR work suceeds when political pressure is applied alongside public outreach to provide grass routes support that influences law makers. Direct Action has failed in SHAC because it allowed the State to portray all AR as extreme and win the PR battle.

bored of shac said...

@idiot watch.
Bis brother must have got all of the intelligence genes, haha.

Anonymous said...

id have to agree with you there. if i was still following thease sort of activists i know that i would probably have ended up down the same route as them , ASBO's criminal records, possible jail sentence, and most importantly , bringing shame on the name animal activist.So many good people are involved in animal rights and are eclipsed by thease idiots. very sad.