Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What a pratt!

'Animal rights activist Alan and pro-hunting Bella have little in common apart from both being single. Alan gave up his job to fight for animal rights whilst Bella believes in the right to hunt. This unlikely couple have agreed to spend four days dating to see if they can find any common ground. Is it an impossible match or can opposites attract?'

'Gave up his Job - hahahahahah!'


Medawar said...

Perhaps she'll turn out to be an undercover policewoman, too!

Anonymous said...

Is this what the animal rights movement has come to, 15 minutes of fame on the electric fish tank.

When I first got involved with AR back at uni the people there were committed and informed but now so many in this seeem to be out for what money they can earn from it or the chance to get their faces in the media. SHAC has done so much damage to the cause in the UK, I hope we can get back to remembering why we all got involved in the first place

Anonymous said...

Buttle with a girl ?
Are you sure you have got this right ?

I don't think his friend Darren will be very happy about that !