Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A challenge from SHAC!

UPDATE again -

We have been told that both losers got 12 months that is to say they got 7 months on remand. They also got ASBOs as they are both yobs - and they under licence for the rest of their 12 months - lets see if their claims to be remorseful were true. What do you think?

SHAC losers have challenged SHACWATCH to publish the 'recent sentences' - we assume they mean the uber losers Cain,Steele and Clarke.

We can't as we don't know what they are - but we are sure you can tell us SHACWATCHERS.


Thanks SHACWATCHERS - we now know what's happend and we can see why SHAC / ALF are not happy! The pressure never relents on them eh?

Thing is with Lewis POGSON about to be tried and found guilty of the first attack we shouldn't report what happend to this failed attempt.


Medawar said...

Have they actually been sentenced at all yet -or are they effectively in "witness protection?"

In which case, of course, SHAC would indeed be desperate to find out more...

Seriously, sentencing tends to be towards month ends.

Anonymous said...

The debate as to which of Cain and Luke Steele it was who gave info to the police in return for a lesser sentence is still raging, perhaps they need to consider it was both.

Either way is has led to some crucual info for the police and the NECTU database. As usual SHAC when faced with those who leave the organisation has responded with denials and attempts to hide the information.

Anonymous said...

The question SHAC losers might like to ask themselves is.....

If nobody sold you out, if nobody grassed you up, if nobody passed info to the police why has somebody just bought a new car and a new house in Northern France even though they have no job, no money and no visible means of support ?

I'm told the sun shines nicely there in the Summer, perhaps it will be available for other SHAC members as well ?