Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tell us more!

From a Shacwatcher:-

The question SHAC losers might like to ask themselves is.....

If nobody sold you out, if nobody grassed you up, if nobody passed info to the police why has somebody just bought a new car and a new house in Northern France even though they have no job, no money and no visible means of support ?

I'm told the sun shines nicely there in the Summer, perhaps it will be available for other SHAC members as well ?

Tell us more SHACWATCHER - name names etc.

BTW -How are those appeals coming?

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Medawar said...

"I betrayed you," she said quite baldly.
"I betrayed you," he said.
She gave him another quick look of dislike.

But in this instance, the unendurable torture in Room 101 was tailored to the prisoner's ultimate vulnerablility; no cageful of rats and mesh face mask, just the excruciating click of the ballpoint and barely audible roll of the tip working its way across the cheque to an agonizing flourish as it was signed.

"Underneath the spreading chestnut tree, where I sold you, and you sold me."