Friday, June 26, 2009

Fun and games at Indylies?

Later revelations about how Indymedia IP logging how been used in the prosecution of SHAC accused were purged from the Indymedia records and all discussion was blocked with reports and posts either removed or edited. But not before the world saw how important to the case detailed Indymedia records had been, the whistle blower who revealed this was quickly removed from the collective and identity taken over by the remaining admins so that a series of posts supposedly written by him could be put up with him admitting his 'guilt'. An attempt a revisionist history that fooled nobody.

Oh Dear - the pro SHAC Indylies seems to imploding!


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Anonymous said...

This issue is a major problem for Indymedia UK. They have long stated that they do not log IP details and many people took them at their word however it has since emerged they do and it looks as though those IP details were used in some of the SHAC trials to prove the links between SHAC and the ALF. Indymedia has always been run by what they term a collective, a group of like minded individuals who in theory run the site, decide the policy, pay the bills etc but was seems to be emerging is that there is an inner core (tagged the 'Elite Super Admins' by some) who have special access and have the ability to read the IP log files. This inner elites special access was not known about by most of those who did the donkey work of running the site but clearly was known about by the police !
Now the Indymedia brand in the UK is falling apart because having learnt of this a number of the worker drones have gone off to form their own little Indy projects around the country. Meanwhile the elite are purging records and files in a panic and hoping they can stop talk of the IP records and any potential fallout from the tree huggers who make up the readers and contributors.

All this on the back of some recent revelations concerning an undercover policewomen who conducted a several month relationship with an Indymedia insider who it seems probably let her have access to further information. If that information is later used to charge SHAC and ALF people as the IP logging information has done there are going to be further read faces at Indymedia UK.