Friday, June 26, 2009

SHACtavist now backs BNP

Charlotte Lewis was jailed for six months in 2001 for her ongoing harassment of staff at the Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) centre in Cambridgeshire.

Now Miss Lewis, of Thornton Heath, is backing British National Party (BNP) candidate Peter North in the by-election for a Sutton Council seat on July 4.

Recent media reports have also revealed BNP members called for her to receive an Iron Cross – an emblem of the German army during World War Two – for her work for the party. She said: “The party hierarchy has not said to me I’m not allowed to be an election agent.

“I know I took it [harassing animal testing staff] too far. That was foolish. But that is a spent conviction.”

Peterborough Crown Court heard that Lewis, who today is the London BNP regional treasurer, had “a history of psychological problems and suffers depression”. She was arrested after forensic scientists matched her saliva with DNA found on the back of the stamps used to post the letters.

Both fascists so no real change in outlook!

SHACWATCH awaits your attempts to spin this one SHAC


Medawar said...

And "Chris" accused Medawar of "stupid lies" for pointing out that links between the ALF and neo-nazis go back to the seventies.

Anonymous said...

There's something called "American Friends of the British National Party" which gives them money, in the same way that IFAW and PETA give money to animal rights terrorists. Or Noraid gave money to the Provisional IRA and the "32 Counties Association" still gives money to the Real IRA.

These days, the Klan usually hides behind "Horesman's Associations" in the various southern states, but they are always associated with part of a state, rather than a whole state, which might have the state legislature thinking about regulating them! Larger than a county, smaller than a state, so as not to appear to be either's jurisdiction!

IFAW moves HUGE amounts of money around, especially in and out of Germany, compared to what it actually spends on even the most borderline definition of animal welfare. This is puzzling, unless the reason they never spend the bulk of the money is because it isn't actually theirs, and they are moving it on behalf of someone else.

The "legal" fronts for the animal rights movement may also be laundering operations, between the Klan's money-raising in drugs, prostitution, paedophilia and extortion, and the "Horseman's Associations", with a few million getting spun off along the way into neo-nazi causes in other countries.

Might Shacwatch cooperate with the Southern Poverty Law Centre, which is the nearest thing to a "Klanwatch" that dares to exist?

Anonymous said...

It's very hard indeed to get Google to find ANY negative comment about IFAW for you! Which is suspicious, because there's a negative comment on the web about all of us, unless artificially blocked.

However, try:

to start with (this article apparently had to be resurrected from a murdered site!)

contains the minimal financial data that it was required to register by the authorities in Cape Cod, this is eight years out of date! NB: there are at least thirteen other holding companies, trusts and corporations around the world that are part of IFAW and most don't even publish this much information!

It's a laundry!

But, EVERYBODY, keep searching, this may trigger Google to heal whatever damage IFAW's paid hackers have done to the search engine, and therefore to the web itself.

Medawar said...

It's been years since Medawar heard anything about the ALF terrorist Tim Daley.

Who wanted the ALF to kill people.

Any Shacwatchers know where he is, or is he now a cornerstone of a more respectable Animal Rights body under a new name? (The League Against Cruel Sports has more than once employed someone they knew to be a criminal, allowing them to use an alias even when acting as official spokesman.)

Is it too much to hope for, that Shacwatch has a picture of Mr Daley, so we know who might still be plotting to murder members of the research community?

Anonymous said...

The original IFAW article was on a site that's been killed off. (IFAW spend a lot of time smothering suggestions that they might be crooks!)
but there's something in California called "Wayback Machine" and it works:

Anonymous said...

IFAW's genesis, in 1969, might make sense if Brain Davies had something to do with either the Free Wales Army (sort of Celtic swastika symbol!) or Mudial Amddiffyn Cymru and was basically on the run in New Brunswick after two MAC activists blew themselves up trying to destroy the track ahead of the Royal Train.

Can Welsh speakers advise on what "ifaw" would mean if it was a word in Welsh?

Links between the animal rights industry and assorted forms of fascism go way, way back!