Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Loony Loser Lynn in court again?

What has the old drunk been up to now SHACWATCHERS?

We learn that she has appeared in court in Berkshire for Hunt monitoring activities.

Some Hunt monitors are charged with murder - their rear seat passengers get off though.

What can you tell us?


Anonymous said...

Well whatever happens it seems likely that Lynn's friends over at Indymedia will do all they can to hush up the news.

Today on the Indymedia site there has been a couple of articles that show how some parts of SHAC and other groups in the animal rights roadshow have been spied upon by the police, one police women in particular seems to have been very effective. Just the sort of story that the the paranoid loonies who run Indymedia would have put all over the front page you would have thought, only one problem. The police woman in question had a three month relationship with an Indymedia editor who is also closely involved with SHAC. The poor guy is beside himself trying to cover it all up but too late it's now on other sites as well.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Indymedia UK has been pushed out of the loop on this one, rather amusingly it seems the London Indymedia crowd knew all about this PC, warned the UK Indymedia admin who told them they were wrong and carried on seeing her. Perhaps this explains the IP logging informaiton about SHAC posts that Indy UK have been so desperate to cover up over the last few months ?