Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Report

SHACWATCH has noticed that the Z team are advertising a gathering of like minded dupes in Norway. In order to be of assistance SHACWATCH has written a 2009 report for SHAC to present to their chums overseas.

Leaders Imprisoned

Natasha AVERY
Heather AVERY
Gavin Med-Hall

Impressionable Dupes Imprisoned

Dan Waddham

Number of firms called HLS closed


There you go SHAC present that to your mates so they can get a good picture of your achievements - it looks like you will be competing with Austria for Greatest Failure of 2009


Medawar said...


IFAW, a "charity" which had to hastily move its headquarters from Canada to the United States when the RCMP and Crown Revenue Service took an interest in its accounts, and which paid Tony Blair £1M for the fox-hunting ban, is basically using "conscience money" it's conned out of Hollywood to move elephants to a place where they are likely to feature in "canned" trophy hunts for rich Americans, probably from Hollywood.

Medawar sometimes feels a desperate urge to protect animals from the somewhat artificial dangers which the animal rights movement creates for them.

Meanwhile, PETA has persuaded Natascha Kampusch to pose naked for their ongoing anti-fur campaign. Naomi Campbell did this, and she found it traumatic to have her career hijacked by a gang of bullying fascists. Miss Kampusch is not a professional model, but a survivor of almost unimaginable abuse and Medawar fears that she has simply fallen into the hands of a new set of cynical and wicked abusers.

Thing is, when Miss Campbell wanted out, PETA embarked on an absolutely vicious smear campaign against her, which rather proved her point!

Medawar said...


Mr Read is accused of being an apologist for animal rights terrorists, and indeed other forms of terrorism, by the Liberal Democrats. He is now the Green party Candidate for the Norwich North by-election.

Does anybody (who is not a Green party PR operative) know whether the Lib Dems are justified? He appears to share Paul McCartney's view that meat-eating is the moral equivalent of participating in the Nazi holocaust of the Jews (and Poles, gypsies, White Rose activists etc.)

Medawar has commented before on the instinctive solidarity between the animal rights movement and the Nazis. However, the Lib Dems have been known to attack ethnic Tory Candidates as "not local", so perhaps the Liberal pot is calling the Green kettle black here.