Thursday, April 16, 2009


What a proud day in the Buttle household - their fine upstanding son has gained his first Anti Social Behaviour Order! How proud they must be - trebles all round at the golf club.

They may tell others that he is a political activist - but they know - he's a maggot.


Anonymous said...

I wondered at first why SHAC/ALF offenders needed ASBOS but then I saw the desperate stages that the ALF has now fallen to. They have taken to attacking supermarket premises for no other reason than these shops sell meat.

It seems that having failed to persuade people to be Vegan by campaigns they have now decided that forcing the wider public by violence is the way forward.

It goes without saying that these people are not prepared to stand up and debate this with say the owner of a butchers shop but come along late at night like rats in the dark and do some damage. Cowards all.

Medawar said...


Medawar should like to remind the gentlemen of the American construction industry, that despite all the threats and violence that the ALF has subjected their English colleagues to, law-breaking should be left to the loonies.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Buttel could come along and make up the numbers at the SHAC event badged as "World Day For Animals in Labs" The Western Animal Rights Network (known by some in the AR world as "Western Grass Network ) is so desperate to get people there that they have taken to advertising the National Express coach prices after the WARN minibus was rejected by those AR people who didn't want their details passed to Bristol CID.

WARN is of course just the ALF by another name like most of these sites.