Friday, April 24, 2009

From a Shacwatcher....

Poor Lynnie's lust for power and the spotlight is reaching ever more ludicrous levels. She has now insisted she is a "steward" at the "WORLD DAY FOR LAB ANIMALS MARCH" this weekend. This pathetic little march is the latest in attempts by SHAC to rebrand itself and get the money flowing again. Now that Loony Lynn is being ignored by most in the AR movement she was worried about being left out so threw her toys out of the pram until the organisers finaly gave in just to shut her up. An insider confirmed that they will be trying to push her to the back in case the makes she rest of the movement look stupid.

As one said this week,
"The problem is if we don't let her feel she is involved she is liable to turn up with her megaphone and shout down all the others making important speaches, this way we keep her busy and out of our hair"


Anonymous said...

Don't know if it was the thought of Lynn being there or not but the World Day for Animals in Laboratories march turned out to be a complete disaster for the animal rights lobby, despite predictions of "50,000 on the streets" and "100,000 people will be showing their support" only about 2000 eventualy turned up for a sad slow trudge through the streets. Even the police realised this was a pathetic waste of time and largely ignored the event.

This latest attempt by SHAC to rebuild credibility failed again.

Anonymous said...


Lynn Sawyer's arrogance reaches new levels. Although she blocks ALL life saving medical research on animals there is one person she thinks should be able to benefit from it . . . . . Lynn Sawyer !

Yes that's right herself it seems that Lynn's role in the world is just so important she must be free to enjoy the benefits she wants denied to others.

Typical SHAC double standards

Anonymous said...

The numbers issue is being glossed over on those websites that support organisations like SHAC but in reality a lot of people were really, really shocked at the low turnout. The last time this event took place 15,000 marched this time the numbers were said to be down to a few hundred at the low point with probably about 1,600 at the highest. In the last couple of weeks increasingly desperate attempts were made to get more people there with adverts for cheap coaches and appeals in university common rooms across the country. Despite all this effort only getting this low a number for what was billed as the most important animal rights event of the year is a major blow.

Anonymous said...

Some interesting claims as to numbers for SHAC demos.

SHAC have long tried to boost numbers for their occasional demos outside Novartis in Horsham South East England but the last demo on the 28th hit a new low. Only two people turned up and on their website SHAC were forced to use pictures from a demo three years ago to pretend there were more together with a blatant lie that new people attended.