Tuesday, April 7, 2009

VPSG - not publishing lists of those caged any more

Oh dear - it is really all coming on top - the VPSG (yet another name for SHAC / ALF) have now decided not to publish the lists of those caged - why? Are you ashamed of them? Or is it simply the sheer number of prisoners? You need to get used to that.

Anyway - the list is now here :- http://prisoners.rbgi.net/

And note - there have been some changes - Three more GUILTY pleas!!


Medawar said...

Ta! I'll bookmark that one.
Renews my jaded faith in british justice.

Anonymous said...

Well at least they are now honest, Jo-Ann Brown has become pissed off with discovering that several of those in prison are no longer vegan.

The full implications of the harm that a vegan diet does to young women in particular are now accepted and as people like Gerrah Selby and Nicole Vosper have discovered that a vegan diet will probably hurt their chances of have children it is difficult to have them listed as "vegan" prisoners when they are drinking milk and eating eggs & cheese.

Medawar said...

It would be a shame if there were indeed to be no little Vospers under way on the Solent of life:
Greg Avery had already reproduced on a large scale (and in Bedford) before his plotting at the Allen Club started to sacrifice his waistline for the cause!

Cults like SHAC and the ALF are evil in many ways at once.

Anonymous said...

SHACWATCH may well have to change its name soon as the attempt to re-brand SHAC continues. With many animal rights activists now distancing themselves from SHAC because of its failures and police infiltration SHAC is being forced to consider alternative means of raising support and most of all money.
The campaign against HLS has failed so a change of name to a more generic one is being discussed, this will also allow the street collections (the major source of SHAC income) to use a new name as revenue has been falling for some time after the revelations of where the money went.
At a recent meeting there was a growing movement to use:

Stop Animal Cruetly -SAC with a new face of the movement. Expect to see a young photogenic, middle class London girl with a background in PR as the new media friendly front for the organisation. Less emphasis on the direct action route and more on political campaigning and requests for regular monthly direct debits.