Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Guilty pleas !

These two idiots used to be well know ALF yobs - they have just entered guilty pleas arising from their last cock up of a job - what a pair of vegans!

So - 'we never give up and we always win' - errr..... do grow up boys - enjoy your time inside and the ASBO that will await your release.

Until ALL are caged


Anonymous said...

Well if the rumors within SHAC about Virginia Jane Steele's money running out are true then these two jokers will find the world a far more challenging place when they do get out.

Income is at an all time low from street collections, over 35% of direct debits have been cancelled and Steele is probably going to have to sell the Hampshire house.

On the back of this a lot of the senior SHAC people have now walked away, some are saying because these key organisers were the police infiltrators that no longer need to be involved in the running of SHAC because they now have so much information on SHAC they can prosecute anybody they like at any time they like.

Medawar said...

Right then.
What about the other branches of the ALF, which nobody in SHAC knew much about?

Medawar suggests that the following still need watching:
Paul Richardson (vet, Malvern area.)
Katie Fowler-Reeve
Ronnie Lee
Gillian Stark
Keith Mann
Karl Parrin (by drugs squad and vice squad, child protection teams and the internet watch foundation, as well as NECTU).
Robert Moaby (see Karl Parrin.)
Bob Pillar
Stuart Allen
Justina McClennan
Paul Taylor
Alan Clark (Romford)
Dawn Park
one called "Whitmore?"
Pretty well the entire McErlean family from mid Beds
-and many, many more.

Some of those were only "doing" animal rights terrorism in the absence of any "armed operations" by the republicans. Now there's a prospect of those restarting, they may indeed leave animal rights behind them, but terrorism? No; it's in the blood.

There will also be a migration towards the extreme right. Medawar was dismayed that Kevin Quinn (leader of a couple of neo-nazi groups, including "The November the Ninth Society") got a suspended sentence when so many SHAC people have been jailed at length for pretty much the same thing. Because he resides within yards of the Allen Club, where Greg Avery planned so many SHAC attacks, he's well placed to pick up any loose hangers-on and give them a new chance to do what they know.

Letting Quinn walk the streets undermines a lot of the work put in by NECTU in breaking SHAC up. The victimology might change, but the same gangstalking methods will be in play, and get further refined.