Monday, April 27, 2009

ALF icon throws in the towel

This maggot is Don Currie - jailed for 12 years for arsons on inocents homes. Word reaches us that he want's off the prisoner support lists - he has had enough.

It's no use Don - you won't get out any earlier. Will you be making a speech about this Keith?

Until ALL are caged


Medawar said...

It may be that Ronnie Lee, Keith Mann and John Curtin are looking for another hunger-strike suicide to rejuvenate the movement, and Mr Currie doesn't want to be bullied into doing this.

Anonymous said...

Currie is another attempting to sever his ties with SHAC and get on with his lfe after his prison term is over.

It's all part of growing up

Anonymous said...

Currie has now given up on his Vegan lifestyle and is writing a book about his experiences with SHAC - should be an eye opener.