Thursday, April 23, 2009

Disco Defence

The hideous harpie Lynnyfool has taken to printing manipulated pictures of a FIT officer called Steve Discombe on her childish blog - no doubt this is because she has run out of her medication again!
Not wishing to be outdone here is a picy of Lynn, digitally manipulated to make her look hideous!

Happy 63rd Lynnyfool -grow up soon


Anonymous said...

Poor Lynnie's lust for power and the spotlight is reaching ever more ludicrous levels. She has now insisted she is a "steward" at the "WORLD DAY FOR LAB ANIMALS MARCH" this weekend. This pathetic little march is the latest in attempts by SHAC to rebrand itself and get the money flowing again. Now that Loony Lynn is being ignored by most in the AR movement she was worried about being left out so threw her toys out of the pram until the organisers finaly gave in just to shut her up. An insider confirmed that they will be trying to push her to the back in case the makes she rest of the movement look stupid.

As one said this week,
"The problem is if we don't let her feel she is involved she is liable to turn up with her megaphone and shout down all the others making important speaches, this way we keep her busy and out of our hair"

Medawar said...

The madness is not yet over:

Oooohhhhh, Dear sweet Lord: Peta? Why?

Benny said...

Well at least other SHAC people will have a break from Lynn when they jet off to their fully funded junket in Oslo from 25th to the 28th of June.

Three days of drunken debauchery all on SHAC expenses, I wonder of this will be one of the things SHAC will be mentioning when it is asking for money this weekend ?

This SHACWATCHER already has details of the flights that have been booked and will have details of the hotels later this week, stay tuned for an update

SHAC - It's always more fun when it's somebody else's money