Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SHAC prisoners now listed as ALF

They seems to be finding a little honesty now they are behind bars!

This should go down well at parole hearings - unless they continue to lie of course.

Until ALL are caged.

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Anonymous said...

Some sort of theoretical separation between SHAC and ALF was always a claim of the respective organisations however the information that was obtained when Sean Kirtly's hardrive was copied and sold to the police dispproved this once and for all. It was this vital information that allowed the round up of a number of other SHAC/ALF people and the begining of the end for SHAC as terrorist organisation.

Analysis of recent ALF claimed actions in the UK since this time also showed what was known by the police for at least three years but was not public knowledge, that the majority of ALF actions were carried out by a very small group, a group with one exception that's now in prison.