Monday, November 29, 2010

Wait for the Force, Luke

At the recent planning meeting for next years animal rights gatherings that took place at the One in Twelve Club in Bradford, several activists got together to discuss Luke Steele.

It was suggested by one respected member of the animal rights movement that Steele had become a "mini Greg", but without any intelligence.

They tried, but failed to come up with a plan to stop Steele from bringing the animal rights movement into further disrepute.

The majority of his fellow activists are dismayed by his always wanting to be the center of attention, his drunken and loutish behavior and his nastiness to any of his comrades who happen to disagree with him.

What ever will they do to solve the Luke Steele problem?

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting. I wasn't at the meeting myself but I assume the matter of his mum was also raised? I know from several of my friends that Nicola Steele is now suspected by many in Yorkshire to be funding herself by working as a police snitch. The whole family seems to be involved in infiltrating both left wing and right wing groups while selling information to both sides and to the police!