Friday, November 26, 2010

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More SHAC failure

More youngsters groomed and discarded

More young lives ruined

SHACWATCH readers may remember the sad little demo run at the Spirit of Christmas fair held at the London Olympia centre back in November 2009.
In many ways it was nothing special, a fur company was exhibiting so a few SHAC types decided to protest. Regretfully one of those who was talked into protesting (some say coerced) was told by a SHAC liar that there would be no risk in doing this, they would not got arrested and there was no chance of a police record.
Regretfully for the rather gullible individual involved this was not the case:£500 court costs£300 fineTwo year restraining orderA criminal record.The result of this ?
A previous job offer now withdrawn, a bank loan rejected and now can't even get interviews for jobs because of the criminal conviction.
Of course some did ok, the SHAC adviser who said none of this would happen - ran away and has refused to respond to email and phone messages.

Another SHAC victim, groomed, used, discarded.

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Mike said...

There may well be a bigger fall out from this for the SHAC coward involved. The father of one of those prosecuted is a London barrister and he is livid at the way his child has been used by SHAC. He has copies of emails and has seen phone texts and feels there is a case to prosecute. Certain SHAC people know where the coward is living. Will some guts and common decency be shown, I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Young people need to be aware of the infamous Derby Animal Rights group. They make an announcement every so often saying they are a new group but in fact go back to 2003 as little more than a money making activity for one person. There is much talk of sabbing etc but in fact they have done nothing for about six years while making regular requests for 'donations'. If you want to see where the money goes drop down to the Flowerpot on King Street in Derby on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. Your 'donation' can be seen quickly make its way behind the bar.

Be warned said...

At present because of the student protests at major universities a new generation of young men and woman are becoming exposed to the SHAC grooming tactics. As we have seen with previous shacwatch articles the easily suggestible and the immature thrill seeker can easily be pulled into the SHAC net with their usual fluffy bunny and big eyed beagle story. By the time the young person finds out the truth about HLS and SHAC it's too late, SHAC leaders will be aware of some illegal activity the person has been involved in and will use that to blackmail them.
Shacwatchers may be aware of the case of Ian from Durham who was threatended with having his details passed to the police by Natasha when he said he wanted out, luckily for him he had the guts to tell her to get stuffed and walked away from SHAC, he's now an RSPCA full time worker.

If you are aware of an individual who is young, perhaps a little lonely, lacks close friends, is at a lower level of maturity compared to the peer group and most of all has some family money then be aware he or she is a prime SHAC targets.

These young people who are often living away from home for the first time are pulled into Shacworld, groomed for actions and then discarded when either their money runs out or they are no longer useful.

Help is available for parents and at risk young people

For the UK the first point is NHS Direct on 0845 4647, they can help with advice 24 hours a day.

Or they operate a family of web sites which provides 42,850+ pages of research resources on cults like SHAC as well as anticult and countercult organisations.

Anonymous said...

The previous poster is exactly right. I remember Natasha Avery being especially keen to target young and gullible people to do her dirty ALF work. It was all about getting people to commit crimes that would make SHAC look active and 'hardcore' whilst the leaders were kept safe from prosecution. A close secondary aim was getting money off people to support the SHAC lifestyle. She often used to brag about having £6000 per month of income just from standing orders people had been conned into setting up. I don't know how much the stalls brought in. The real AR movement is certainly better off with her and Greg in prison.