Friday, November 19, 2010

Do you like our new Banner?

It's not just to spruce the place up - it has a serious point to make.

Look at it and, ignoring the ancient predator and her dog, look at the ages of the last SHAC batch to go down - imagine how much their lives are now ruined - and, as they are young, calculate how long those ruined lives will last.

Ruined by SHAC



Medawar said...

It certainly reveals the stereotypical "I love and nurture animals" pose.

Anonymous said...

This is how you treat them, with the contempt they deserve! Notice it has been hidden by Indymedia (of course!)

SHACWATCH Fan said...

I may sound cruel but these days coming to SHACWATCH is like slowing down for a car crash, you know you shouldn't do it, you know all you are going to see is other people's suffering but somehow you just can't stop yourself.

SHAC is now a soap opera in activist circles, whose going to jail next, which one is the grass, where did all the money go, which couple has fled to the French house now ?

Anonymous said...

And another one....

A.L.F. activist faces 30 years

In court Thursday, SHAC supporter Walter Bond pleads guilty to burning down a Denver sheepskin dealer

In court November 18th, Walter Bond pleaded guilty to one count of "using fire or explosives to damage property involved in interstate commerce and of using force, violence or threats involving animal enterprises" under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. He faces five to 30 years in federal prison. His sentencing was set for February 11th.

Sheepsking Factory arson

The guilty plea comes after Bond allegedly confessed to his brother that his was responsible for three A.L.F. arsons: Sheepskin Factory in Denver ($500,000 damages), Tandy Leather Factory in Salt Lake City ($30,000 damages), and the Tiburon Restaurant in Sandy ($10,000 damages). His brother had been working with the ATF, and the entire hotel room conversation was monitored. Bond was arrested soon after.

The Animal Liberation Front communique for the Sheepskin Factory fire stated the arson...

was done in defense and retaliation for all the innocent animals that have died cruelly at the hands of human oppressors.

Read the government's criminal complaint against Walter Bond here, outlining the allegations and evidence against him. The complaint breaks down the time-line of events leading up to Bond's arrest.

In the courtroom Thursday was the owner of Sheepskin Factory. The store has since moved to a nearby location, but the owner stated his profits are down "thousands of dollars".

Bond still has outstanding charges in Utah for the remaining two arsons. It is expected he will be extradicted to Salt Lake City to start the process again, following his sentencing in Colorado.

Most media reports have falsely stated Bond has not yet been charged with the Utah arsons, and that he is merely "under investigation". However Bond has in fact been charged in those fires. Read the indictment for the Utah arsons here.

An FBI agent in charge had this to say:

"Our priority with acts of terrorism remains to be proactive and preventative. But when acts do occur, they will be pursued to justice."

Anonymous said...

Guess who wrote in an email this week,

"The Break Every Chain website is great, I made almost £40 last week selling stickers and badges"

Anonymous said...

Yes I saw the open letter to the Justice department that Indy admins hid, they used the catch all excuse 'non news'. this is the reason an admin gives when he or she can't really think of a real reason but their friends in SHAC tell them to do it.

Another post (removed altogether) talked about a number of AR people trying to jump on the bandwagon of the student protests and being given the bums rush in no uncertain way.


More SHAC failure
More youngsters groomed and discarded
More young lives ruined

SHACWATCH readers may remember the sad little demo run at the Spirit of Christmas fair held at the London Olympia centre back in November 2009. In many ways it was nothing special, a fur company was exhibiting so a few SHAC types decided to protest. Regretfully one of those who was talked into protesting (some say coerced) was told by a SHAC liar that there would be no risk in doing this, they would not got arrested and there was no chance of a police record.
Regretfully for the rather gullible individual involved this was not the case:

£500 court costs
£300 fine
Two year restraining order
A criminal record.

The result of this ? A previous job offer now withdrawn, a bank loan rejected and now can't even get interviews for jobs because of the criminal conviction. Of course some did ok, the SHAC adviser who said none of this would happen - ran away and has refused to respond to email and phone messages.

Another SHAC victim, groomed, used, discarded.

Swedish Shacwatcher said...

Nasty links between Far Right and SHAC in Sweden.

SHAC Sweden is an inept bunch famous in AR circles for failure (see SHACwatch - Friday, January 29 2010) however in a disturbing turn of events it has now linked up with elements of the Swedish Far Right party the Sweden Democrats (SD). The first public expression of this co-operation was the atack on a Turkish immigrant owned restaurant in the city of Örebro. The Swedish newspaper Göteborgs-Posten had an interview with the police chief of Örebro, Lars Björklund who said,

"We have had little experience of either animal rights extremism or anti Muslim attacks in the city but now we have had both in the same attack. A far right group has linked with the international SHAC campaign to attack and immigrant owned kebab shop. The SHAC group has claimed it as has the Bludenshap organisation. We do however have some leads and are confident of an early arrest"

No pasarán! said...

Swedish Shacwatcher might also like to give us details of the Djurens Befrielsefront animal rights organisation which recently attacked a fur shop called Stefan makris päls owned by an elderly Jew in the same town of Örebro. Fur shops owned by Christians were left untouched. As well as paint being sprayed over the walls Swastikas were painted on the windows.

The links between Animal Rights and the Far Right groups all though Europe are growing as both sides lose members and funding.

We shall not let them run lose

No pasarán!

Medawar said...

Some of the racist attacks in Sweden involve Estonian "Swedes" who seem to hate immigrants...

AR - Fash watch said...

Far Right politics and SHAC ?

Any Steele family involvement ?

Anonymous said...

Links between the extreme political Right and the AR movement are nothing new. Look at Robin and Luke Steele who feature in West Yorkshire Animal Rights Group / SHAC here in the UK and Matthew Gibbons involvement in both local SHAC organising as well as the BNP. Lia Amos - enough said and of course Troy Southgate about whom enough has been written already. Just as Robert Moaby ceased ever to have been in SHAC as soon as he was convicted over his collection of child pornography SHAC will claim that Nazis were never part of their little cult as soon as their existence becomes public knowledge.

Medawar said...

An interesting possibility, arising from the case of Byron Sonne, is that Estonian-Swedish extremists use closed forums (a bit more closed than "sulis"!) on "Drop Machine" cross-country cycling club sites, to discuss and organize their activities.

Perhaps if SAPO read this as well as NETCU, they can make the necessary investigations. Medawar notes that as well as all the fun and games in Örebro, there was a series of racist killings in Malmo: all Swedish Shac is now doing is providing a smokescreen for serial killers.

Medawar said...

Just a thought: wasn't Gareth Williams a very keen club cyclist?

Wouldn't it be odd if it was that which drew him to the attention of the swine who killed him and not his work for MI6 and GCHQ?

Some VERY odd people connect to Byron Sonne; extremists from several different causes.