Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Justice - don't make us laugh

In a petulant posting an old, dead and failed group - the Justice Department have suggested they might return to the active status - they describe themselves as the last generation of AR activists - they mean the one before last.

The last generation, failed idiots like Greg and Nat are in prision - the next generation - Luke, the fool and 'raven' are more accurately described as the special needs generation.

These - if they exist at all are tired, spent and embittered parodies like Ronnie, John Curtin, Robin and Jill P. You could have read about them on Arkangel - but that failed too!

So while they sit on their leather sofas and eat their Waitrose vegi burgers they will need to ponder - if the last lot got 11 years for 'non violent' conspiracy - what will we get, when, inevitably we are caught?

Non Vegan food for thought - eh Dr Joe!


Anonymous said...

Who else is left but a few of the old timers. The band under Greg are all in prison and the next generation just blew it.

Counting down until SHAC is gone for good.






Anonymous said...

Yes I saw this as well - very funny. Not often groups stand up and say. "we have been defeated please help us rebuild"

Northern Shacwatcher said...

Some inside information for you. There are other motivaitons behind this attempt to get previous activists involved again, money.

Data received by this Shacwatcher is that the bank standing orders are down by 45% compared to 2008. New standing orders are non existent.

For certain individuals this is a real problem because SHAC is their only source of income. Imagine if they had to get a job - poor things.

Anonymous said...

Is this in some way linked to the desperate attempts to get a good turn out for the 'cadlelight vigil' at Sequani on the 10th of December.

Initial confirmations are showing less than 50 people are likely to turn up, well down on the hundreds that used to attend these type of events a few years ago.

It might also interest SHACWATCH to know that the email I received asking me to attend mentioned SHACWATCH as being "very focused" on the matter of numbers at demos and that the constant emphasis on declining numbers is "demotivating people."

Anonymous said...

yes i was shac member and like many others melted away into the background when i realised it was going nowhere , now just a desperate few still refusing to throw the towel in . i think jail is their only option left .

Anonymous said...

Curtin once joined the Henry Doubleday Research Association and volunteered to help with office work. Suspect he wanted access to the mailing lists.

He may plan and organize more than you think. Certainly, he's one of the more significant operators not to be in jail.

Sawyerwatch said...

Meanwhile shacwatch favourite and suspected police grass Lynn Sawyer is busy helping Indymedia readers to understand how animals must take preference over humans. She says,

"WE have to breed less and then other species will not be choked by our filth"

A couple of people did try to point out to Lynn the absurdity of her argument but of course they were hidden and then removed by one of the SHAC loving IMC editors.

Anonymous said...

SHAC activist - more crime - doing it for the animals ?

Clare Lock active in SHAC Kent and a known banner waver outside of Astra Zeneca etc etc appeared before Maidstone Crown Court on Tuesday 2 November 2010 where she pleaded guilty to three charges of benefit fraud.

As a result of her deception, Lock illegally claimed £22,442.72 in Income Support, £12,239.66 in Housing Benefit and £3,103.97 in Council Tax Benefit, an amount totalling £37,786.35. She received a criminal record and was ordered to do 100 hours of unpaid work as part of a Community Punishment Order. Her request to complete the 100 hours at an animal sanctuary was refused.

If some of that money was given to SHAC will they pay it back ?

Student said...

Poor old Lynn Sawyer - the self obsession continues. Her blog today contains another rambling rant with the focus once again on her and the AR movement. Now she is trying to convince people that the student protests in London that saw some broken windows at Tory HQ were in fact a well planned inside job designed to increase funding for the fight against SHAC and the rest of the AR movement. For the benefit of Lynn (who I know is a SHACWATCH reader
) let me point out some facts:

1 the protsts in London were organised by the National Union of Students - nothing to do with SHAC or AR

2 the protests were about cuts in education funding - nothing to do with SHAC or AR

3 the police took a low profile approach at first to the event for obvious PR reason (G20 riots) meaning that a minority element could smash a few windows before riot police took control - nothing to do with SHAC or AR

In fact the only link that I could see to SHAC was that a very small minority managed to have the bigger and more important message of the event overshadowed by using violence and allowing the media to focus on that therby ruining the point of the protest.

Let me spell it out for you Lynn in case you still don't get it:

SHAC is dead - everyone who matters is in prison. Only the keyboard soldiers like you remain.

Because of the above the police don't need extra funding to fight AR violence, they fought it, they won, you lost. They now have more important work to do.

Gilles Villeanueve said...

More SHAC failure.

SHAC Canada (unlike their Swedish colleagues) did manage to find the correct house of their target when they turned up at the house of Wayne Quigley, executive at Bristol-Myers Squibb in Quebec.

Quigley and his family were away on holiday, SHAC mounted a demo outside an empty house.

Whispering Bluegrass said...

Shacwatchers can shop at a budget supermarket and still have a very Happy Christmas!


David Jentsch said...

Open Letter to the 'Justice Department'

Justice Department (aka SHAC) sends letters containing razor blades to UCLA scientists

In recent days, the Justice Department (the moniker of an animal rights terrorist group aka SHAC) sent a letter to my home that contained razor blades and graphic threats to “cut my throat”, and they have openly announced that they sent similar letters to at least one of my trainees. The letter that was sent to my home, which amounted to an amateurish attempt at instilling fear, is the latest in a series of psychological attacks by animal rights activists who have focused their attention on UCLA researchers. The threat to send such a letter to my graduate student is pathetic, desperate and horribly misguided.

Putting aside the miserable cruelty required to construct and send these missives, the letters lack the gravitas required to react to them with fear. They make claims that are almost laughable. The letter to me claimed that the writer knew “…where I got my dry cleaning done,” but I haven’t been to a dry cleaner in more than 5 years. It’s hard to take a threat seriously when it is based upon such daft statements. As for the razor blades that have been dipped in “AIDS blood”, it is impossible to react fearfully to any threat that is both factually wrong (it was obvious to me that the razor blades sent to me had no blood on them) and scientifically ridiculous (the HIV virus cannot survive in dried blood on a razor blade sent in the mail, even if the blood was there to begin with).Here is my message to the Justice Department and to any others that think it is acceptable to use intimidation tactics to stop researchers: you will not succeed.

Responsible use of animals in research aimed at improving the health and welfare of the mentally ill is the right thing to do, and we will continue because we have a moral responsibility to society to use our skills for the betterment of the world. Every day that my students and I work in my lab, we are contributing to the progress of humanity. You, on the other hand, take civilized society backwards with your zealous determination to punish any and all that do not share your philosophy on human-animal relationships.

Even if you choose to continue acting like childish bullies (toothless though you often are), I will not give up my hard work in the laboratory on behalf of those who need my help. I will not feel fear in response to your increasingly desperate and puerile attempts to frighten. In the end, you will fail.

Anonymous said...

RE clare lock...doing it for the animals !! you seriously need to get your facts straight before posting things about people!! I am Clare Lock.re the benefit fraud and your facts are totally incorrect , firstly I have never heard of shack or any of the mumbo jumbo on this site, i had to look it up to see what it means??i dont know anything about animal testing or animal testing in Huntingdon or anywhere else come to that !!! as for the benefit fraud you dont know me or anything about me and the press release on this issue was totally incorrect due to the local councils blunder. I dont have to explain anything to you but I am a normal person with a life who got in a mess a few years back, I am a law abiding citizen and have never done anything wrong...so to see all this stuff about me is an assasination on my good character and I am now contacting my solicitor, who will be in touch with you...i suggest you remove my name etc from this load of utter garbage !!!


SHACWATCH acknowledges that there is no evidence that 'Clare Lock' has any connection to SHAC and as such the comment above should be treated with caution.
There is however ample evidence that she is a benefit cheat and as such we urge her to get on with repaying the cash she defrauded and stop writing to us

A benefit cheat who attempted to swindle tax payers to the tune of £37,000 has been brought to justice by the combined might of Sevenoaks District Council and the Department for Work and Pensions.

Clare Lock, 39, of Moultain Hill, Swanley, appeared before Maidstone Crown Court recently where she pleaded guilty to three charges of benefit fraud.

Miss Lock was caught out following a routine cross-check of her data held by the council and the Department for Work and Pensions.

In court, Miss Lock admitted she incorrectly claimed income support, housing benefit and council tax benefit for three years by stating that she was a lone parent with no financial support, when in fact she was living with her partner who was in paid employment.

As a result of her deception, Miss Lock illegally claimed £22,442.72 in income support, £12,239.66 in housing benefit and £3,103.97 in council tax benefit, an amount totalling £37,786.35.

Miss Lock received a criminal record and was ordered to do 100 hours of unpaid work as part of a Community Punishment Order.

Both the Department for Work and Pensions and Sevenoaks District Council are seeking the repayment of all overpaid benefit.