Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Horne Day!

Tommorow is Barry Horne Day - the day Barry died after a failed hunger strike (he gave up). SHAC celebrate this day as a day marking their historic failures.
Lets join in by listing their failures for them!

HLS not just still open but expanding.

5 More imprisoned for a total of 17 years.

SHAC 'activity' consists of 1 or 2 emaciated idiots shouting at a fence.

Leader now a illiterate idiot from Newcastle.

Until the few left are caged.......


LS' vodka supplier said...

I will be celebrating Horne day with a bacon sandwich for breakfast followed by a nice big juicy steak tonight for dinner.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes Horne, the man happy to plant incendiary devices (confirmed by Keith Mann) including such key AR targets as Broadmead shopping centre in Bristol, one in a charity shop and the second in British Home Stores.

Mann was a thug who if he hadn't been stupid enough to starve himself to death would be now either in prison alongside the rest of them or forgotten.

Northern SHACwatcher said...

SHAC supporters here who are celebrating Horne Day by eating everything her didn't

Not much use of a Vegan diet here me thinks :-)

Anonymous said...

it looks like someone is plying with fire if bite back is anything to go by .

Anonymous said...

How disrespectful.It doesn't matter what side you are on, have some respect for the family of those who have passed away.


Shut up you emaciated fool - it isn't SHACWATCH that has tried to turn Barry into a saint after his death!

Shacwatcher said...

Do you mean the sort of 'respect' for the dead shown by John Curtin jailed for trying to dig up the remains of the 10th Duke of Beaufort ?

Or maybe Jon Ablewhite involvement in the gang of fanatics digging up the body of Gladys Hammond ?

Was that what you meant by 'respect' for the families ?

LOL said...


You're out of your tiny mind.

A convicted fire bomber who risked the lives of numerous people.

Fuck him

Anonymous said...

.. and meanwhile in the world of pointless SHAC protests.

SHAC protests at Ocean Finance, Fortress Investment and HIG Capital fail to attract the numbers hoped for. One of these protests had only two people attending !

All of the above companies have taken their NECTU advice and simply ignore SHAC; safe in the knowledge that protest are on average 20 minutes, nobody listens and they achieve nothing.

Medawar said...

The man died.
He died largely because John Curtin and Ronnie Lee encouraged him to believe this would grant him a certain measure of immortality in the movement's folklore, which is somewhat less enticing than the immortality which Osama bin laden promises his dupes, but in the circumstances of a long jail term, it appeared sufficient, at least in the early stages.

When Barry Horne began to have second thoughts, they kept up the encouragement, despite his wife's pleas for them not to, but by the time he had decided to relent, his liver was too damaged and he went before us.

John Curtin offering encouragement in a life or death situation from the back seat is something that has since recurred, and may form a pattern that a forensic psychiatrist ought to look at.

But Barry would not have died without the encouragement of those he thought to be his friends, and this is a chilling exemplar of just why cults seek to distance members/victims from their friends and even close relations.

Those of us who respect human life, have to make an enormous mental effort to respect members of a movement based almost entirely on a theology of hatred for the human species. It's not entirely surprising if, in this instance, the multiple hypocrisies of a demand for "respect" from the movement that abused others and brainwashed Barry Horne into self-murder, drew a harsh response.

Anonymous said...

Yet more SHAC failure. Last Friday when normal people were out enjoying fireworks night three SHAC losers decided to waste their evening by standing outside Ocean Finance a Fortress subsidary. It goes without saying that the employees of Ocean have nothing whatsover to do with HLS but in the twisted world of SHAC secondary protest this doesn't matter. Because protesting outside HLS achieved nothing, SHAC moved onto HLS suppliers, that achieved nothing so now they are at the subsidaries of the suppliers of the suppliers - in SHAC world this makes sense.

The three vegans turned up just as the employess were leaving work so they were faced with people looking on in confused bewilderment at who they were or what on earth they were shouting about. Net result for SHAC was the same as it always is with these protests - nothing.

Former SHAC Supporter said...

A fine precis of the situation with regard to Horne by Medawar. The manipulation of those easily influenced by certain elements of the animal rights movement is certainly going to produce more wasted lives, more ruined youth and maybe once again a suicide.

We have already seen how vunerable individuals like Alfie Fitzpatrick, Dean Cain and most disgustingly of all the mentaly ill Robert Griffiths are groomed, used and discarded by SHAC when they have served their purpose. Dean and Robert were lucky in that they had strong families who stood by them and were able to help after they escaped SHAC others are not so lucky.
Alfie Fitzpatrick has wealthy and influential parents who already helping him break his links with SHAC.

We can only wish them all luck as they attempt to rebuild their lives.

Deprogramer said...

Yet another SHAC convert to be celebrated.

Luca Bernasconi (known to most of us as Billy) was arrested in Switzerland back in April. He along with others was accused of planning to attack an IBM nanotechnology/biotechnology research facility near Zurich. I'm glad to say that Billy as realised the error of his ways and is now working closely with the Swiss police and has walked away from both AR violence and SHAC.

Swiss News said...

Information provided by Luca Bernasconi has alredy been used by Swiss police when they were waiting at a butchers shop where an AR vandalism 'action' was planned. All those involved were caught and arrested.
Luca has also provided details leading to the arrest and likely deportation of Leornado Philip DeSilva back to the Netherlands for his part in AR attacks in Amsterdam.