Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's all very quiet in Winchester

What's happening down there?

Censored comments on Indylies suggest that the defendants want a press blackout!


Is it just shame or is there more? Normally SHAC want to grandstand to try and get their tired, psychotic message across - not this time!

When we know you will too.


Northern SHACWatcher said...

It's all down to Nicole and Sarah's attempts to convince the authorities they have been good while on remand in advance of their sentencing.

They both plead guilty (so much for the SHAC claims of their innocence) and need to present a picture of contrition and regret. In the past the prosecution has shown how remand prisoners are still involved with ALF / SHAC work through letters, advice, notes etc and this has played badly.

Nicole knows she's likely to face a long time in pokey because of her links to the SHAC leadership while Sarah is more of a fool who got used by her neighbours to get rid of a barking dog (she's not that bright) so will probably get a minor slap on the wrist.

These are not hardcore SHAC / ALF people, Nicole was seen as a lightweight by Gregg and as very much an expendable foot soldier, he at one point told Dan to "get rid of her, she does nothing" it's doubtful he thought about Sarah at all who is generaly viewed as a little strange even by other AR types, Ian at Greyhound Action used to avoid telling her when they were out protesting because she was a liability.

Anonymous said...

Dan dropped Nicole because he was shagging Emily and Nicole found out. He just got his dumping in first. The irony is of course that Nicole was only into AR and SHAC in the first place to try and impress her previous boyfriend who was also a SHAC supporter, although he's now given it all up and works for Barclays (woops!).

Many think that Nicole only did what she did to try and impress others in SHAC that she wasn't just a camp follower but a real activist.

Anonymous said...

Keeping quiet also includes the fact that white supremacist bomber Neil Lewington has become a SHAC supporter and vegan

Lewington was sent to prison for trying to ignite racial violence by bombing “non-British” people.

Neil Lewington, 44, was an unemployed electrician whose heroes were the nail bomber David Copeland and the Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh. With a love of Hitler, a liking for bombs and violence and a vegan diet he will fit right in among the SHAC crowd.