Friday, September 24, 2010

Lyn Fails - again

Pointless harpie Lyn Sawyer has posted a badly written and self serving rant about her continuing failure in court - SHACWATCH thinks the 'lady' does protest too much - and so the Police and the Courts and everybody else who can read!

Grow up Lyn - you cut a pathetic figure there on the edge of the AR movement encouraging the gullible to do things you are too scared to do yourself.


Anonymous said...

You are causing harassment to this individual. If you do not stop, action will be taken against you.


Let me get this straight - SHACWATCH, via it's perfectly legal actions in exercising it's right to free speech is harassing Lyn.

How does it feel SHAC?

The difference is SHACWATCH won't cross that line - we won't turn up at your house at night - we won't send used sanitary towels in the post - that's because SHACWATCH isn't SHAC.

You can stop at any time SHAC - we won't until you do.

Medawar said...

Is anonymous threatening: legal action, arson, beating, slander, grave robbery, threats of rape against a dependent, or the attempted destruction of a dance school where a dependent just happened to have had a lesson or two?

Whilst Medawar doesn't want to see Ms Sawyer persecuted to destruction, as so many people have been by her colleagues, this threat really is extraordinary.

If SHAC want to claim the protection of the Geneva Protocols for Ms Sawyer, they need to observe a few limits themselves. But that is not, never has been and never will be, acceptable to those who just want to impose their views on others by whatever means suits them, legal or not, violent or not, nercophiliac or not.

Anonymous said...

This is not SHAC. I am a concerned member of the public and was told to look at this website to see if measures can be taken. You are more than welcome to air your opinions as we do live in a democracy but targeting individuals who are within the law is harassment.
I hope you will take this information on board and this issue will not be pursued any further.

Anonymous said...

Yes I saw the piece, she went to court lost and so thinks it's all part of a plan against her. Standard stuff for the Sawyer whose sense of self importance knows no bounds.

The reality is that Lynn is a long way from the heart of AR activity in the UK and has been for some time. Some straight out think she's a grass, others that she's simply useless but in fact she's just mostly irrelevent.

The idea of a SHAC supporter accusing others of "causing harassment" is of course too funny for words.


Sorry 'Annon' - Lyn isn't 'within the law' as her criminal conviction evidences. Neither do we belive you are what you say you are - SHAC uses lies to exist - you would appear to be another lie!

ex boat House visitor said...

Lynn has history on not only Indylies but other sites as well with these ill thought out rants. She was on Indy earlier this weekend with some rubbish about how the execution of a murderer in America is the same as the death of a Nigerian activist, the victims of Bhopal and animals at HLS !

I assume she believes this rubbish but it's a sad state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

"we do live in a democracy but targeting individuals who are within the law is harassment"

LOL, somebody needs to learn the difference between "discussing" and "targeting".

Perhaps this is the key to understanding the mentality of SHAC members and its supporters, perhaps they really can't tell the difference between legitimate discussion of a person's actions, and the king of harassment that SHAC engage in.

It would explain a lot!

Anonymous said...

Lynn's been living of the "I fell off a tripod" story since 2000 and has on more than one occasion claimed that "men in dark glasses visit my house" (was it sunny out I wonder).
I think she's pretty harmless these days like most of whats left of SHAC. The violent element is in jail or under ASBOS, the middle ranking Greg wannabees do a good job as keyboard warriors but nothing more and the cannon fodder are down to a few diehards that do the placard waving and shouting when required.

In the meantime real animal wellfare work is done by those at a political level who have a better understanding of power and process (see recent EU legislation).

I think that Lynn can be safely ignored - she's a nobody these days.

Pro Life Feminist said...

Lynn is certainly a bit weird in her logic. She defends all animals against all forms of cruelty except unborn children who for some reason she regards as acceptable to kill via abortion.

It seems obvious to me that any Vegan committed to the protection of living beings would be 100% pro-life, amazingly this isn't so

go figure.

Anonymous said...

Please remind me. Why did wordpress ban SHACwatch?