Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Idiot of the Week!

Well done Lewis - beating off heavy competition from all the usual SHAC suspects he has achieved Idiot of the Week - a title normally reserved in perpetuity for Lynn.

It would seem that he didn't think parole conditions applied to him -they do and he is now back inside - his parents must be proud!

Until all are properly caged.

(Ps thanks for the tip SHACWATCHERS)


Anonymous said...

Do you know what bail condition he broke?

Medawar said...

It would be interesting to confirm if he was actually taking part in harassment, when supposedly at home, all tagged up and docile.

Anonymous said...

No , but the shac member who says they have a good laugh at this site , well i nearly wet myself when i read that lewis has to do another 18 months behind bars , what a total vegan ! Watch out for a few more laughs when the next lot get sentenced !!.

Medawar said...


The next stage is not to force us all to be vegans, but to kill us all to make more space for the animals.

Better get them all jailed before this idea takes hold in SHAC's feeble brains.

Anonymous said...

Ok. So do you have an issue with SHAC or people with vegan diets? or anyone who shows slight compassion towards animals?


Errrr... The clue is in the title.

SHACwatch has a problem with SHAC and anyone who speaks for them.

SHAC is a failed conspiracy but luckily most of it's members are in jail - like Lewis.

So do you have a problem with words - or is it only long ones?

Medawar said...

Having targeted a dentist, Swedish SHAC is now attacking shops that sell cheese:


Anonymous said...

More SHAC cannon fodder.

Lynn Sawyer's Vodka Supplier said...

Lewis is now having to face difficult questions concerning his involvement with the "Militant Forces Against Huntingdon" another attempt by the usual ALF/SHAC crowd to pretend the AR movement is growing. Regretfully for Lewis one member of the MFAH made the mistake of leaving some personal evidence during a recent "action". Evidence linking them to Lewis.

Will Lewis once again be seeking a shorter time banged by helping plod with their enquiries ? Will he choose to take the fall himself and protect others ? Is he even clever enough to understand the questions ?
Time as ever will tell.