Saturday, September 11, 2010

SHAC sick predation blocked

Other good news

Robert Griffiths who was released earlier this month will be getting the help he needs and several family members are working to keep him away from SHAC.

A spokesman for the family made a brief statement,

Robert has had a difficult time as his type of mental illness makes him very suseptible to suggestion. This illness was exploited by individuals in the animal liberation movement who used him to carry out actions they were too cowardly to do.

Thanks for the Update SHACWATCHER


Medawar said...

He was not the first to be so abused, nor will he be the last.

Some of the older animal rights people worked as special needs teachers and the like, regarding their charges as deniable and utterly expendable cannon-fodder.

At least two influential ALF activists (in North Herts and Bedford) who have managed to stay out of the SHAC debacle, work as "counsellors" giving them access to prisoners, former prisoners and students with assorted drug and substance problems, and these can be programmed for harassment and stalking, too.

Anonymous said...

yes i was on remand with bob after a previous action and saw first hand how people took advantage of him , i wish him all the best in the future .


He is another name on a long list,

Jaggers,Jameson etc,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

And yet more good news....

Tattood nutcase Walter Bond has been arrested and looks likely to be serving some time for arson. Bond was turned in by his own brother who realised what a threat to society SHAC is.

Lynn Sawyer's Vodka Supplier said...

The companies that SHAC decide are related to HLS are getting more and more obscure. Their latest 'good idea' (ahem!) is to attack Ocean Finance. The thinking is that because Ocean has been bought by by Fortress who lent HLS some money this makes them a fair target in SHAC world. I assume we can expect to see demos outside Ford Motor Company soon as HLS employees drive Mondeos or maybe an action against against a steel works in India because that's where the steel was made, that became the wire, that was made into the fence that surrounds HLS ?

In reality this is a sign of the ongoing failure of the SHAC campaign, the desperation of those running it and the serious lack of new ideas. SHAC is having to demo outside of these companies with no real link to HLS because all their old targets simply now ignore them and their demos achieve nothing.

The SHAC campaign has resulted in nothing, the leadership is in jail, the funding is at an all time low and support is close to zero among the wider activist community. Even among die hard AR people there is a recognition that the SHAC tactics have lost them support in the outside world, that AR looks irrelevant to most people's lives at that most view SHAC as nutters.