Thursday, September 30, 2010

Well Done!

SHACWATCH salutes NETCU - they have completed their mission and crushed SHAC -

Well done NETCU - a job well done.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the EDL should be next in their sights: there had to be a reason why the EDL tried to keep SHAC and its offshoots afloat.

A surprising number of roofing workers have an interest both the EDL and in the illegal drugs trade (Amphetamine and Cocaine mainly). Although the EDL, just like the ALF, was founded in Luton, there's a little clique of roofers from Wellingborough cashing in on the house building boom in Milton Keynes and around Cambridge, who use the shipment of roofing materials around the country to convey the drugs, whilst they convey the message as they work.

The war on drugs and the war on extremism aren't really separate things.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations indeed.
It's easy to overlook the hard work done against what was at one time a major threat to doctors, researchers and the wider public from AR extremists. SHAC and its offshoots are now dead in the UK but we still need to keep an eye on the US elements of AR that adopt violence as their way or working. An example is Camille Marino whose website "negotiationisover" advocates "confrontation and intimidation tactics".

Camille speaking about medical professionals that seek cures to disease says, " I want them to live in fear, chaos, and panic when they see strangers… I want to make it ..unbearable.."

The lovely Camille is pushing this approach because in her own words,
"we as a movement continue to stagnate" which at least shows this violent thug recognises the failure of the AR movement. Carmille at least understands that public opinion does not suppoert these views and the response to that ?
" I am talking about inciting riots "

If anybody ever though that SHAC and its like were peaceful, non violent protests movements then extremists like Carmille show it isn't so. It is perhaps not surprising that she also supports the release of convicted police killer Wesley Cook.

I have passed the details of these threats to the local Florida police