Thursday, September 16, 2010

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The companies that SHAC decide are related to HLS are getting more and more obscure. Their latest 'good idea' (ahem!) is to attack Ocean Finance. The thinking is that because Ocean has been bought by by Fortress who lent HLS some money this makes them a fair target in SHAC world. I assume we can expect to see demos outside Ford Motor Company soon as HLS employees drive Mondeos or maybe an action against against a steel works in India because that's where the steel was made, that became the wire, that was made into the fence that surrounds HLS ?

In reality this is a sign of the ongoing failure of the SHAC campaign, the desperation of those running it and the serious lack of new ideas. SHAC is having to demo outside of these companies with no real link to HLS because all their old targets simply now ignore them and their demos achieve nothing.

The SHAC campaign has resulted in nothing, the leadership is in jail, the funding is at an all time low and support is close to zero among the wider activist community. Even among die hard AR people there is a recognition that the SHAC tactics have lost them support in the outside world, that AR looks irrelevant to most people's lives at that most view SHAC as nutters.


Medawar said...

"Tertiary Targeting" was never any better than a form of hostage-taking: threatening someone with no connection to HLS in the hope that those who were connected would somehow feel guilty about the innocents being attacked by SHAC, or the Guinea Pig people.

In truth, everyone just felt angry and the only guilty parties were SHAC and all the AR terrorist spin-offs with different banking details/names.

Now Tertiary Targeting is re-invented as farce, having been both terrorism and fraud.

Anonymous said...

surely this campaign is about to fizzle out with most of its leaders in jail and more to follow soon . They will be watched very closly on their relase and will be before the courts and back in the slammer if they return to their old ways.

Anonymous said...

Will legit groups who are opposed to vivisection also be grouped as "AR Terrorists". Come on people, use your words wisely. If you are opposed to SHAC, leave it that way. Don't give people who are within the law the same label as those who will step beyond the law. There is nothing wrong with the animal rights movement just the individuals who take things too far. Also, is there anything wrong with SHAC? SHAC is still very much around and legal. If the organisation was terrorist, they would be shut down. Think about it. It's the individuals and their actions.


No - nobody falls for that lie any more. SHAC has always been a criminal conspiracy. All the founders have now pleaded guilty to that conspiracy.
As to SHAC now - look at who runs it - Debez and Max with Brendan hiding in the shadows. It's no use trying to set up Luke as your next sacrificial lamb - that stunt won't play either.
You fool nobody but yourself

Anonymous said...

Fortress haven't bought Ocean Finance either - still very much owned by AIG currently.