Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Report Time!

As the dregs of SHAC prepare to travel to Italy in a desperate attempt to find more dupes SHACWATCH will offer it's customary summer report to assist:-


Pru Jailed
Sven Jailed
Pogson Jailed
Steele Jailed
Cain Jailed
Organ Fined

Appeals dismissed x2
2 further guilty pleas
Another trial due 1st September

still trading and expanding
record profits
expanding in 3rd world markets
remain guilty - appeals dismissed.

Leicester Uni
work progresses on schedule

Oxford Uni
Lab running well

that was easy

Keith Mann

The Fool
a (pathetic) fool



Medawar said...

Could SHAC be persuaded to campaign against Vauxhall Luton?

They could do with a boost...

Anonymous said...

Comment over on Indymedia UK about this

RavenMad said...

Hey - this fool Alexis Raven Báthory has just had the snip and is now officially a woman!

Another one like 'Debz'


Ah yes - I'ts or old mate Phil Webb or Raven or whatever.
Well now she has finally done the deed SHACWATCH hopes she can finally find some peace of mind from the internal turmoil that led her to Satanism, transvestitism, veganism and worse of all SHAC.

RAVEN - next time you see the fool - just say no!

Medawar said...

There are, however, still plenty of would-be stalkers out there, looking to use animal rights to fulfill their own need for a vicious hate campaign:

Does this article allow any victims of stalkers to put a name to faces they've been seeing when something has been done to them, or their property?

ex SHAC said...

So Lauren Gazzola finaly got her reward after passing so much information to the UK authorities about the ALF and has been released to a half way house. Ex supporters disgusted at the way she has behaved has cut off her website and are now said to be in damage limitation mode as the full extent of her betrayl becomes widely known.

Grassing up other SHAC people for either money or a reduced prison time seems to becoming more and more popular