Wednesday, June 9, 2010

London Failure - Yes it's SHAC

Meanwhile back in the fantasy world of SHAC reporting we have the latest write up of a recent demo.

Last Friday a few of the usual faces did their usual 20 minutes of shouting outside their usual buildings. One of these was of course AstraZeneca.
Now AZ people stopped taking notice of these rather sad little non events months ago but SHAC just can't stand the thought that they are ignored so they have started to come up with increasingly bizzare David Ike style allegations.

The latest of these is,"As we arrived there AZ security were already looking out for us and got on their radios"This did not seem likely so I spoke to the AZ Press Office and sure enough the truth is somewhat different.

What SHAC claimed to be AZ security were Traffic Wardens. Three of London's unit dedicated to stopping illegal parking and keeping the traffic flowing, their radio calls were in relation to a badly parked van. The SHAC losers started shouting at the wardens accusing them of being baby killers and animal exploiters but like all London Traffic Wardens (who get abused all day) they simply ignored the SHAC.
The AZ doorman who witnesed all of this passed it on to the office as it was so funny.More SHAC failure, more SHAC lies.After this failure the sad little bundle of collective stupidity threw a little tantrum and left.

What a bunch of vegans !
Thanks for the Report - keep 'em coming


ex SHAC said...

Intrestingly one or two of the London SHAC lot might be sleeping a little less than comfortably with news that Renata Solazan has been told by the Dutch police who it was who grassed. Seems there was a slip up and a court note was left in some files sent to Solazan.

The South Amercan ALF lot have a fearsome reputation when it comes to betrayl so will that grimy flat be the best place to stay over the next few weeks, would a move to the nice holiday home in Northern France be a better bet. Then again friends of Renata might know all about that as well. I mean if SHACWATCHERS can work out where it is and how it was paid for I'm sure the boys from south of the border can do the same.

Anonymous said...

I this is the same lot that turn up at Fortress Investment Group every so often. I work nearby and sometimes see them. They are really odd and for a long time we didn't know what they were protesting about, most thought they were some sort of religious cult but now we know they are SHAC. If you walk near them they get super paranoid and watch you, sometimes they take pictures of people they think are police or employees of Fortress. When they first turned up Fortress used to get in a couple of heavies to guard the doors but they stopped doing that ages ago. The SHAC lot don't stay long (about 15 minutes is the average) and then they stroll away. Everybody ignores them now so I can't imagine what they think their protest achieves and there is something a bit creepy about them. They have that Scientology, Moonies, Hari Krisha cult look about them, pale, thin, haunted look, in need of a good meal and some sunlight.

The good news is that they do seem to be harmless, I only once saw them get a little agressive with a woman from Fortress but the moment she stopped and faced them they quickly backed off.

Medawar said...

They have a new hate campaign, and "Defence of Urban Foxes" will be the latest way to con money out of the animal-loving public.

Anonymous said...

The London SHAC lot are certainly a bit weird and the reputation they have as grasses is of course well founded. The nice house in France was without doubt a result of information supplied. All that being said we should perhaps admire them, their campaign has failed, their targets ignore them, their membership is falling and despite all this the same hardcore of three or four continue to turn up and protest.

One thing I will agree with the previous poster on however is the reference to the cult like appearance with the pasty skin but that might be a vegan thing who knows.

Anonymous said...

SHAC are once again trying to pretend that their campaigning has had an effect when it hasn't. this time it's with a company called Vet Diagnostics, an animal breeder from Sussex in England.

Some facts that SHAC seem to have failed to pass on to their gullible supporters.

SHAC never campaigned against Vet Diagnostics, indeed didn't even know of their existence until recently.
Vet Diagnostics is claimed by SHAC to have gone into liquidation. Not true, they have been bought out.

SHAC claim that they forced the owners to shut the company down when in reality Colin King has always stood up to SHAC terrorism and faced them down. (Like all bullies SHAC backs down when people stand up to them)

SHAC claims are as usual attached to a begging letter asking for more money. Once again SHAc lies are used to try and force more money out of gullible supporters to support the lifestyles of some.

shacwatch USA said...

SHAC failure continues in USA

Appeal to US Supreme Court fails.

Kjonaas, Gazzola, Conroy, Stepanian, Harper and Fullmer all stay in jail.

Until all are caged