Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lewis out?

Looks like Lewis is out and confined to his mummies house, SHACWATCH hopes he has learnt his lesson. However we suspect he hasn't.

It would be nice if the predatory leeches in SHAC left him alone - after all HE has done some time - unlike some, eh Lyn.

Lets see how long before he goes back inside.


Anonymous said...

I think all of Lewis' friends and family hope he will be left alone now. By any strech of the imagination he has 'done his bit' for SHAC, regretfully I doubt that will be the case because firstly, as he is not that bright, he really does believe his actions make a difference to animals and secondly SHAC needs the 'sacrifical lambs' who will go to prison (while the leaders stay in the shadows) and generate publicity that can be used for fund raising letters.

Lewis over the past couple of years as proved himself as SHAC cannon fodder so we can expect to see the court suit being made use of again the near future.

By the by did anybody find out why he never chose the vegan diet while banged up ?

Anonymous said...

Lynn never does time, she's far to usefull on the outside, making contacts, talking to new recruits, reporting back.....

It's always good to have friends in NECTU

Anonymous said...

I expect he will be back inside soon Pogson isn't the sharpest tool in the bag.

Meanwhile his buddy Jonny Ablewhite just can't seem to learn. Of late the prison authorities have linked him with involvement in drug smuggling and yet more criminal animal rights activity.

Some people just don't get it !

Slade Appreciation Society said...

Perhaps now's he out he could help out the increasingly desperate SHAC Birmingham, this group having at first managed to demo the wrong company now manages to turn up at the right Industrial Cooling Systems that supply HLS however as the factory is in the middle of an industrial estate the protestors are subject to jeering, heckling and the odd bit of good natured fun from the local workers. Being SHAC people they of course have no sense of humour and don't appreciate the local boys who often stand near them eating hamburgers and speculating on how many burgers can be made from one cow for example.
During the last SHAC demo (numbers of protestors the lowest so far) one sad and pasty vegan decided to throw a little hissy fit which of course the local lads thought was great fun and only added to their laughter. This SHACWATCHER understands that the workers at ICS have a got a little fun planned for the next SHAC demo involving some cows blood and a water hose - I have been promised photos !


Medawar2 said...

Medawar2 would like to draw the attention of animal rights activists and their opponents alike, without prejudice, to the following article about the reopening of four cold cases of dead people being found, who have never been identified.

There is nothing suspicious about the death of the fourth man, in Puttock Hill Wood, of heart disease. But despite his overalls, he wasn't known to any of the contractors working there.

Given how close it is to some of Smith Kline's former premises, and given that we know what sort of person leaves all means of identification at home when they are out and about, does anyone in the anti-vivisection community know who this was?

An anonymous comment here, or on my blog, would allow the police to associate the body with a name and put things to rest, without anyone facing any sort of charge or blame.

The other deaths are mostly a lot more suspicious, but this one is just perplexing.

I will put a little post up just for helpful comments. The Extremist Linkages site has no sitemeter and does not record or trace IPs, this will continue as long as non-one posts threats there.